Will Disney Make A John Carter 2?

Will Disney's biggest failure ever get a sequel on Disney+?

John Carter had everything going for it to become a massive blockbuster but turned out to be a box-office bomb.

The sci-fi adventure was based on a series of novels by Tarzan author Edgar Rice Burroughs.

John Carter was originally meant to be the start of an epic trilogy, with the 2012 movie only being the beginning of Carter's adventures on Mars.

The concept for the whole trilogy was already penned all the way back in 2012.

Unfortunately, these epic plans were stopped short by John Carter's disappointing box-office performance.

John Carter was one of the most spectacular flops of recent movie history, as Disney tried to break the mold at what seemed like the wrong time

On the tenth anniversary of the first (and only) film's debut, director Andrew Stanton shared some juicy details on their original plan.

The next film seemed much more ambitious than its predecessor, with lots of juicy plot details

With all the reboots and re-imaginings happening at Disney+, who knows?

Maybe the John Carter trilogy was always meant to be an animated series like Marvel's What If...?

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