Time For More Superman Horror


We believe the Superman horror film, Brightburn, deserves a sequel, and we aren't the only ones.

Since airing on Netflix, there has been an influx of interest for the evil last son of Krypton.

Brightburn broke the mould, taking the overdone superhero trope and turning it into a superpowered nightmare.

This shocking film told the story of what would happen if Superman wasn't as nice as he is in the comics.

An alien boy crash lands on a farm in the middle of rural America

but this Kryptonian has nothing to do with the kind and honourable Man of Steel

After discovering his superpowers, Brandon Breyer becomes an unstoppable killing machine.

And it seems like he isn't alone...

At the end of the Brightburn, it is revealed that there are reports of others...

An unknown sea creature that is overturning boats...

A witch that uses a lasso to strangle people...

And even images of James Gunn's own Crimson Bolt, a twisted version of Batman.

Could this be the beginning of an evil Justice League?

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