Kano Computing Has Branched Off Into Projectors

They weren't ready to stop at just the Stem Player.

Kano Computing's Stem line started with a small music device that lets you manipulate songs in real-time.

Now, Kano Computing have made a similarly sized small projector that lets you choose content to watch from a single frame.

The Stem Projector has some awesome features.

The Stem Projector has a ton of awesome features like similar haptic and touch-sensitive controls to the Stem Player.

The Stem Projector has 256GB of onboard memory, which can be extended with the use of a microSD card.

The Stem Projector also has a mini-HDMI port so that you can hook it up to your PlayStation, Xbox, or even a Nintendo Switch.

The Stem Projector also supports Wi-Fi and cellular connections, usable with Chromecast and AirPlay so that you can watch content straight from your phone.

Unlike most mini projectors on the market at the moment, the Stem Projector has a 5-hour battery on full brightness.

This means you can consume a nice amount of content on a single charge.

Kano Computing doesn't plan to stop their Stem line at just their Player and Projector either.

Want to see what else they have planned for the future?

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