Jumper Deserves A Sequel

The 2008 Jumper starring Hayden Christensen came out 15 years ago.

Is it too late for a sequel, or is it the perfect time?

The first film was a bit of a failure, and the start of a franchise that never came to be.

Jumper was based on a 1992 novel written by Steven Gould.

One of its biggest criticism was that it strayed too far from the original novel after its many rewrites during production.

Jumper ended up vastly different from the source material, and wasn't at all what fans were expecting.

Jumper was stunningly ahead of its time.

It turned out to be one of the most ambitious movies ever made with its globetrotting premise.

Jumper was released before comic book films became the sensation that they are today.

The franchise was always meant to have been a trilogy, but the disappointing ending and a rushed plot brought those plans to an end.

Hayden Christensen has always been excited for a sequel, so maybe we can still get one!

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