Friends Stars Complained About Jean-Claude Van Damme

There are a few amazing standout episodes when it comes to the amazing show Friends.


One of those episodes is without a doubt The One After the Superbowl.

Despite being the highest-rated Super Bowl lead-out episode ever, some stars were less than impressed by Jean-Claude Van Damme's behaviour on the episode.


Friends Super Bowl Episode

What made it so special?

The 1996 episode The One After The Superbowl got 52.9 million viewers, features star guests, and even directors cameoed in minor roles.

The episode focuses on Rachel and Monica who are both trying to win a date with Jean-Claude Van Damme while Chandler reconnects with an old classmate, Joey sparks a romance with an infatuated fan and Ross tries to reunite with his pet monkey Marcel.

The hour long episode was never planned from the start, but NBC needed to find the perfect post-Super Bowl show, and Friends seemed like the obvious choice.

JCVD had to be asked twice not to put his tongue in his female co-star's mouths...

Key members of production got together around the time of the reunion to talk about the epic Super Bowl episode.

Amid the discussion, production members acknowledged challenges they faced working with JCVD

One of the episode directors noted both Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox' complaints about JCVD, asking him to intervene.

Both ladies had asking on separate occasions that the director ask JCVD not to put his tongue in their mouth during kissing scenes after the director had already spoken to him about it...

The director was mortified that he had to speak to the action star twice about the same issue. 

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