Exciting  God of War 6 Theories

With everyone finishing God of War: Ragnarok, it's time for some theories about the next game.

Everyone has their own theories about the next game, so here are some that stood out to us...

First Theory

As the latest hero of the Norse realm, someone goes to Kratos to request his help to fight against a new, paranoid, and power-hungry pantheon.

After successfully wiping out two pantheons, it doesn't seem all that unlikely.

Saving another civilization from their manic pantheon would make him even more of a hero.

Second Theory

This theory shares the first's premise of another paranoid pantheon

This time, the pantheon goes after Kratos before he can get any ideas to go after them Either that or...

They kidnap Atreus, Kratos' son.

While trying to find any of Kratos' weaknesses to keep him from winning the fight against them.

Kidnapping Atreus would spur on Kratos' wrath, causing the downfall of the pantheon to save his son.

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