Dracula Untold 2 Could Rise From The Grave

Dracula Untold surprisingly became a cult classic in modern horror, despite its box-office failure.

Many thought it would be the start of Universal's Dark Universe, the biggest horror cinematic universe the world has ever seen.

Dracula Untold has soared in popularity since arriving on Netflix.

Since the sudden resurrection, fans' demands for a sequel have risen with it.

Dracula Untold told the story of Bram Stoker's Dracula in a very different way - a tragic hero.

The film changed its original ending to leave room for the start of the Dark Universe

The new ending saw Luke Evan's Dracula and Charles Dance's Master Vampire in the modern world

Could the modern world be the setting for the next Dracula Untold?

It had seemed like the dream of the Dark Universe had all but died...

Until Dracula Untold was resurrected on Netflix.

Suddenly becoming the most-watched feature on Netflix on the week of its debut on the streaming platform.

Now that it has been removed from the unsuccessful Dark Universe

Dracula Untold 2

has been brought back from the


Will there be a sequel in our future? Read more here: