Celebrating Jason David Frank: His Best Movies & TV Shows

Jason David Frank first made a name for himself appearing as a temporary character in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in 1993.

One of the traits that helped Jason David Frank land his roles in action series like Power Rangers was that he was an avid practitioner of martial arts, specifically Mixed Martial Arts.

In light of the recent tragedy, we wanted to immortalize some of Jason David Frank’s outstanding contributions to pop culture by listing some of his best movies & TV shows, all carrying his legacy.

Jason David Frank appeared on Family Matters as Skull, a member of a gang called Puranas that tormented Urkel in 1996.

He seemed to have fond memories of the show as he stated on Instagram, “Yes, I got beat up by Urkel, lol.”

Sweet Valley High marks one of Jason David Frank’s non-Ranger TV show appearances.

Another one of his few non-Ranger appearances, Fall Guy: The John Stewart Story.

Most of his work, however, was as the very popular Green Ranger in the Power Rangers franchise.

Probably one of his most exciting works has yet to be released. 

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