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Bluey Characters: The Best Ranked

Bluey Characters: The Best Ranked

Did your favourite Bluey characters make the list?

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If you’ve watched an episode of Disney Junior or Disney+’s Bluey, you’ll know just how easy it is to fall in love with the adorable characters. Here we rank the best of them..


He has a few fun moments here and there but most of his jokes revolve around picking his nose. But he’s just so cute and unique we needed to add him.



He’s the youngest character in the family. Even though he’s still pretty young, he loves and appreciates his family a lot.



He’s a great friend, even though he can be overlooked sometimes, he does get his spotlight moments. 



She’s one of the best and most loyal friends Bluey has. She’s upbeat and is always supportive, and definitely a fun character. 


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