Bashenga, The First Black Panther

By Megan Oosthuizen

07 Jan, 2023

Many wore the mantle of the Black Panther before our beloved T'Challa and Shuri.

People want to see the true origin of the great civilization of Wakanda

The story of the five original tribes of Wakanda.

How they came to find the element that gives them their knowledge and power: vibranium.


The First Black Panther, and the First King of Wakanda

Bashenga was mentioned in the introduction of Black Panther.

But we know little to nothing about his story.

Shaun Harrison's excellent concept art had everyone believing we would see an AfroBeats musical series telling Bashenga's incredible story.

He even had the perfect cast chosen, starting with John Boyega as the legendary Bashenga

Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos, reprising his role from Eternals

The legendary leader of the Jabari Tribe.

The legend of the River Tribe

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