10 Worst Marvel Comic Book Characters

Not all Marvel comic book characters can be awesome like the Avengers.

Here are the 10 worst comic book characters in the Marvel Universe



Even just his outfit is one of the worst.

Gene Lorrene, alias Leather Boy, somehow made his way into the Great Lakes Avengers team briefly.

What was Marvel thinking with this character?


3-D Man

Charles Chandler was an American test pilot who was exposed to strange radiation, causing his 2D image to be imprinted on the lenses of his brother's glasses.

When his brother, Hal, concentrates, he triggers a dimensional shift allowing Charles to reappear as 3-D Man.

Although a little stronger and faster than the average human, his concept is still pretty stupid.



Bessie is a vampire cow known as Hellcow.

She was bitten and turned by Dracula himself.

The highlight of Hellcow's comic book career was teaming up with Deadpool to take down Dr Kilgore, a mad scientist.

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