POP Rides: Deadpool Chimichanga Truck Review

This special Funko POP Vinyl presents one of their most successful POP figures in a whole new light. Everybody’s favorite merc with a mouth is back, but this time he rolls up onto your store shelves in his very own “Deadpool Chimichanga Truck”.


POP Rides give the buyer a vehicle along with a figure. This Deadpool is a bobble head and it is different to the previous releases of this popular character. This Deadpool has a gun on his hip, a sword in one hand and a taco in the other. This figure is fully removable from the truck so can have him displayed on his own – or you can watch his head bobble as you race his food truck across your display shelf.

The truck itself is highly detailed and features Deadpool branding which is a great contrast to the strong yellow paint on the truck. The Branding really adds to the character of this Funko piece and it captures the essence of Deadpool. He takes his branding seriously as each image is well placed and captures your attention with ease. The Deadpool figure fits neatly into this truck and it looks great even if you intend on keeping this figure in the box. The window box packaging does a great job of showing off the figure.

This is a must have for any Deadpool fan and for any POP Vinyl collector and the price is not steep at all considering you are finally getting a POP figure with a great accessory. There have been many Funko Pops of Deadpool, most have been repaints. But this figure is an all-new sculpt that will guarantee you have something different in your collection. A huge thanks to Critters and Comics for this special POP figure. Get this and plenty of other Funko goods at www.crittersandcomics.co.za today.


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