Marvel Select Iron Man 3 Mk 42 Review

The Marvel Select Mark 42 Iron Man movie figure is by far my favourite Iron Man from the Marvel Select collection. When the “Golden Fleece” Mark 42 was revealed people seemed very iffy about it, but the suit was awesome and different. This originality is precisely what makes this Marvel Select figure stand out among the rest.


Standing at 7.5 inches tall, the Mark 42 is one amazing sculpt from Gentle Giant, dwarfing last year’s Mark 6 release. This sculpt has beautiful paneling and comprises of hard plastic and softer rubber plastic that allows for movement in the wrists and shoulders. Also, the likeness to Robert Downey Jr.’s face has improved this time round, it is definitely his best face sculpt in the Marvel Select range. If you want something with a bit more accuracy and likeness, you may want to invest in the Hot Toys releases.

The paint application on this figure is truly amazing as it is comprises of Stark Carat Gold, Hot Rod Red and Gun Metal grey. These colours work well together and are used in the correct tone, bringing the Mark 42 to life. The painted details are extremely accurate, even capturing the gold accents on the suits thumb and index fingers. The arc reactor and eyes are lit with white, making it feel more lifelike than its Hasbro blue-eyed counterpart.


When it comes to articulation, Marvel Select did not hold back. With over 20 points of articulation, you are able to get Iron Man Mark 42 to strike all of those iconic poses. This figure features the following points of articulation: ball joint head, single joint shoulder pads, ball joint shoulders, swivel joint Biceps, single joint elbows, pivotable wrists, swivel joint abdomen, ball joint hips, upper thigh swivel joint, double joint knees and double joint ankles, which work on an ankle pivot. With this range of motion you could do the most difficult of poses with ease, even the “Legs crossed on the couch scene”. A minor gripe articulation wise are the ball joint hips, they just make the figure look a little clumsy, almost as though he is getting his Nicki Minaj on with hips like that (or that he should be cutting down on the carbs).

The Iron Man Mark 42 comes with some cool accessories too. You receive: 2 sets of hands (fisted gloves and repulsor ready gloves), an alternate helmet with a closed face plate and a Hall of Armour diorama. An alternate head sculpt is also a better option than that of Mark 42’s Marvel Select predecessors. It prevents the Tony Stark face sculpt from having two giant peg holes in his head and it prevents the helmet from having two holes on its roof as well. The Hall of Armour Diorama consists of 4 pieces that snap together quite easily. This is quite a cool extra as it allows you to create your own Marvel Select Hall of Armour. It has a nice metallic grey feeling that compliments the accents in the Mark 42 suit.

Marvel Select Ironman 3 Mk 42 Review

Whether you unbox this figure or keep it in its packaging for your Marvel Select library, it is still an impressive figure to own. This Mark 42 is definitely a favourite in the Marvel Select range, it is clear to see that this was not a rush job in order to churn it out alongside Iron Man 3. The attention to detail is impressive and leaves one wondering how the battle damaged Disney Exclusive variant is going to look. Seeing Mark 42 in all its glory, whilst in its glory, might be a beautifully movie accurate.

Thanks to the guys at Critters and Comics for keeping one of these bad boys aside for me.

Marvel Select Ironman 3 Mk 42 figurine Review

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