Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy: Star Lord Figure Review

At this moment in time most of us would have watched the amazing blockbuster film, “Guardians of the Galaxy.” With the sad news that there is no plan on a Marvel Select figure series based on this epic movie, we had to review the next best option. Introducing the Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy: Star Lord.

marvel legends infinite series guardians of the galaxy star lord

From the sculpt you can see that the figure is fairly movie accurate. Yes, for a change Hasbro has not simply gone and recycled a previous figure. Star-Lord is looking good, way better than you would come to expect of this line. Although the colouring on Star-Lord’s mask is not a metal grey, Hasbro does a great job by making it a gloss black mask with lots of panels and added details. The mask looks excellent and the gloss black paint works great with the metallic gold and silver applications. The red lenses on the mask are also enhanced by the awesome colour choices made for this sculpt. His hair protrudes nicely out of the top and back of the mask. The hair has some great texture to it and they have tried to match the colour of Chris Pratt’s hair quite well.


The trench coat looks amazing. It is filled with sculpted detail and it makes use of great paint applications and decals. The paint on the trench coat is not simply maroon, it has a black dry brush look to it that creates a great sheen on the figure. The upper left shoulder has some brown padding, it even bears the Star-Lord logo. Seriously, these little added details are impressive. He has his backpack one, so the harnesses are visible from the front; the detail on his backpack is rather impressive it is filled with debossed studs that protrude nicely from the straps. The backpack as some nice sculpted creases and folds and paint applications to highlight the buckles. This backpack is removable as it needs to go if you wish to use the bad ass accessory that comes with Rocket Raccoon. Under his trench he is wearing a plain looking grey T-shirt with a few sculpted folds, not a lot going on there. His gloves are sculpted quite well and painted in a nice shade of grey, his left forearm has a guard which runs down into the glove, and it does a great job of breaking the symmetry so the buyer knows that no parts have been re-used here. He has a neat belt and buckle. The trousers look great, once again there is a load of detail happening here with some great panelling. The blue trousers also have a great colour to them, making them look more of denim than flat blue, lending to the laid back nature of the lead character. Then from the knee he has some nice looking boots. The boots have the jet boosters on the ankles, these little jet boosters have received some added attention as they are both sculpted and painted quite well.


Now for articulation on this figure… and it continues to impress! He has a ball joint head that is able to look up and down quite well, ideal for those thruster rocket poses. His head moves side to side with ease and it is able to pivot as well, he has ball joints at the shoulder that allow for a vast array of movement. The trench coat does hinder a bit of the movement but that is only if you want to bring his hands to his hips. The figure has a swivel at the upper bicep; he has a double jointed elbow, swivel wrists that are on hinged pegs that allow it to move up and down. The Ab crunch has some decent movement however it tends to move back in to position thanks to the trench coat. The waist is able to swivel, the T-crotch does not allow the legs to move out much but they are able to kick forward quite high. He has an upper thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankles that are extremely awesome and able to pivot.

Out of the entire wave this is the only figure that comes with a wealth of accessories, starting with an alternate unmasked head. This is not Marvel Select and even further from being a Hot Toy so unfortunately this unmasked head does not look like Chris Pratt, it bears his likeness but it is far from being identical. This head sculpt has a curl in his hair like Pratt and they have tried to match the hair colour again, he also has a beard. So you can definitely see it is Star Lord even though it is not nearly accurate; still it makes for an awesome accessory. Then you have a well sculpted and painted orb, only problem is that it does not fit his palm well, so the holding pose is a bit of a problem. Then you have his ear phones and Walkman, these are some great added gifts even though the headphones to not settle directly over his ears; nor do they look like the ones that were made back in the 80’s. his Walkman is decent they could have added a little black paint to resemble a cassette but hey they is just me being petty. His space blasters look flawless the gun metal guns look great with their extreme detail and gold paint apps. These blasters are really cool, especially when Star-Lord is using them in action poses. You also get an arm for the Groot Build-A-Figure; so Peter Quill is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to this wave of action figures.


The packaging on this one is great! It has awesome gloss silk-screens on the front logo as well as the character picture at the back; even the tiny images of the other figures in the wave have received a little added gloss silk-screen. The blister card packaging showcases the figure and all of its accessories quite well; it has a nice picture of Star-Lord in a purple hue on both sides. The back of the packaging also has a brief character bio on the lead character as well as a picture of the Build-A-Figure Groot.

This is a great action figure, one that came out at an extremely high price that left many wondering how the heck they could pay so much for a Marvel Hasbro Legends figure, especially when Marvel Select is cheaper. You will be glad to know that the prices have been reduced… a bit. But once you have this figure in your hands you will realise that it was worth each rand spent.

Byron Hendricks

Byron Hendricks

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