Li’l Gotham Batman Figure Review

I picked up a few issues of Li’l Gotham a long time ago, liking the look and feel of the book I was pleased to hear DC Collectibles was going to release an action figure line based on this version of Batman. I was not too sure if I would want the action figures though, but being the Bat Fan I am, I caved and now I have a Batman Li’l Gotham action figure review for you.


Li’l Gotham is basically a version of Gotham that is filled with cute versions of our favourite heroes and villains. It does not follow an exact timeline, so it is rather liberal when it comes to the Dark Knight, his enemies and his allies. So it is only right that DC Collectibles kicks off the collection with the legend that is Batman. So the sculpture is fitting to the series and very comic accurate, this Batman does look like a “Chibi” In the words of Jack Black, “Cute and Chubby”, however despite his shape this little Batman is still quite stocky and muscular. The figure stands at about 3 ¾ inched tall but the amount of detail on this little guy is rather impressive. The cowl on this guy is great it has a high level of detail and it is connected to a flawless cape that is filled with intricate creases and folds. Batman’s face sculpt is comic accurate, he still has his stern look despite the fact that he has been miniaturised. The paint on his face is great, he has a good flesh tone and darker lips that are easy to see and painted with precision. He has a solid build with a wider torso, the logo on his torso looks as though it has some battle damage on it. Batman’s great metallic belt also looks as though it has been battered during a battle. His belt has some great added detail and the colour choice here is simply fantastic. His arms are short and bulky, leading into a pair of clenched fists, his gauntlets still have the signature blades they have just been reduced in size to some extent. There is not much detail on the legs besides the panel lines on his traditional looking tights, yes his undies are on the outside. His legs are short and lead into a pair of smooth booths that sport a nice tread. Overall this figure is extremely comic accurate, from the characters presentation to the colour choices; this tiny figure is a keeper.

As you can imagine, with a figure being of this scale the articulation is extremely limited. The head can move side to side, but not up and down. He has some articulation in the shoulders. The shoulders are on a ball joint so they can move to quite some degree. His upper bicep has a swivel; there is no elbow articulation at all. Both his tiny wrists can swivel, he has no articulation at the waist. He has a T-crotch that is affected by his wide outer undies; as a result his legs can only move forward and back…slightly. The rest of his lower body has no articulation at all!

In terms of accessories, this mini-Batman also falls short; he only has one accessory. And alternate hand that is grasping a grappling gun. This accessory looks great and it shows just how the Batman is able to use his grappling tech whilst gliding. This tiny extra sports some fine detail and some great paints. But one accessory is simply too little; a Batarang would have been nice or maybe an alternate head.


The packaging is different to the New 52 boxes that we have become accustomed to getting from DC Collectibles. This figure comes in blister card packaging and as you can imagine the blister card packaging is quite small and easy to store. The figure is clearly visible from the front, basically the full Batman and his most trusted accessory is on display. On the back we have the various credits and most importantly; you get a sneak peek at what, or should I say who, is still to come…and these figures look great.

I am happy with this purchase, could it have been cheaper…maybe but remember these are designer figures as well so in order to get the best quality; you must be prepared to pay the price. It is great to see this version of Batman alongside the countless full sized versions of the Dark Knight. As a collector and as a Batman fan; this figure was too cute and unique to pass up. In fact it looks so good that I want to collect the entire series! Thank you Critters and Comics, without you guys obtaining these awesome goods would be impossible. Visit for more great offerings at even greater prices!

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