Kotobukiya Nightwing ArtFX Review

Today we kick off with our very first statue review and starting off with a Kotobukiya ArtFX figure is fitting for the occasion. The ArtFX line is a more affordable line of action figure that boasts an anime finish to your favourite comic super heroes. It is a great entry level for those new to collecting statues and it is a lot more affordable for the veteran collector. Also you are guaranteed to receive a great product that will not leave you with buyer’s remorse.

Having kept an eye on these figures for over a year now the leap has been taken hurdling towards obtaining an ArtFX statue. Nightwing is a hero that is often left with action figures that do not represent him well. Having decided not to grab the Greg Capullo series action figure, due to his square head and school boy haircut and ditching the New 52 Nightwing, it seemed that a decent figure of the New 52 rendition of Dick Grayson would be impossible to obtain. That is when this beauty of a statue surfaced on the internet. The Pre-Orders sold out immediately and this would be the first statue we had to find and review!

The 1/10 scale sculpt is amazing. Measuring in at around 7 inches, this figure stands tall as it brings the New 52 Nightwing from the pages and into real life. In fact, I doubt the character even looked this great in the pages to begin with! The statue has been sculpted in a sort of action pose, almost as though Nightwing is about to counter a punch and swat his opponent with his baton. The sheer intricacy of the suit is stellar, as it features the panelling and mesh that makes this costume detailed and awesome on the eyes.

The sculpt shows us just how Nightwing is able to pull off his acrobatic stints and stunts without any hindrances. The design is slim, sleek and tightly fit and his butt cheeks highlight this aspect. Yes, the suit is skin tight so you get a glimpse of his athletic muscle structure as well. As you can imagine with it being Kotobukiya, the character has a bit of anime flair to him. With Nightwing the anime allusion is apparent on his face sculpt, although it is truly subtle. This definitely adds to the figure looking as great as it does.

Unlike the other renditions that always left his face looking slightly off, the anime rendition works perfectly creating the perfect heads sculpt for this ArtFX statue. The sculpt has his hair looking as though it were caught in a bit of a breeze, adding to that sense of motion that the statue gives off.

The paint on this statue is impeccable; the metallic gloss look works well on the red Nightwing logo and the majority of his suit also has a glossy look, except when it comes to areas that involve finer detail. If you look at these areas you will notice that the paint switches from a gloss to a matt finish; showing the lengths that Kotobukiya went to when creating the perfect Nightwing. The paint finishes really add to the sculpting as they do a great job of emphasising the intricate details on display. The paint on his face and head sculpt is great as well. His skin tone is matched perfectly and the domino mask on his face looks great and in proportion. Although some comics show him with red eyes, the white eyes work well on this design. They do not steal attention away from the metallic insignia on his chest.

Accessory wise, this statue comes with two items; a great display base that allows the figure to stand through the use of magnets and a night stick. The night stick is actually separate in the packaging. So once you open the statue you actually have to slot the nights stick into his hand in order to complete the signature pose. This could possibly be the first DC Kotobukiya that actually comes with a separate weapon accessory. The statue has magnets in his feet which allow him to stand on the base without falling. It also allows you to move the figure on the base with ease without worrying about snapping any pegs. You could even alight two bases next to one another in order to create you very own tag team display!

This statue comes in a great window box packaging system that allows for the figure to be viewed from all angles without having to even remove it from the packaging. On the one side of the box you have the red Nightwing logo and on the other you have a picture of Nightwing that has been finished with a red plastic. The packaging is top notch and classy, definitely showcasing that it is indeed a collector’s item and not a toy.

Overall, this statue is a great product. In fact, this product is Nightwing! The amount of effort put into pulling off such a wonderful finish is astounding. It is the perfect statue to grab if you are looking for a member of the Bat Family or if you are looking at just expanding you collection. A big Thank You has to go Reza Adam at Project Mayhem. Not only do they offer great prices and a range of delivery options, but he made sure that this item, that was sold out on Pre-Order, made its way to me!

Purchased from www.projectmayhem.co.za/

Byron Hendricks

Byron Hendricks

Social Media Marketer and Rep for C2 Digital Print by day, all round geek all day too. Enjoys Heroclix, Comics, Video Games, Gunpla and collecting figurines. He is also a fitness freak with the aim of matching Batman’s maximum bench press of 350kg. Firm believer that Geekology (yes it is a study) has made him healthy, knowledgeable and... broke.

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