Jungle Encounter Dutch Review

Many people bought the Predators Series 8 Dutch figures. Looking at the Jungle Encounter Dutch they are probably thinking it is the same figure, or wondering if it is worth buying something so similar to Series 8 Jungle Patrol Dutch. Get that thought out of your mind right now!

Jungle Encounter Dutch features over 20 points of articulation and therefore has a great range of motion that allows this figure to do many action poses. This is clearly a testosterone fueled figure as ironically it only has ball joints. He has articulatulation in the abdomen, elbows, shoulders and even his ankles. It’s a displayers dream! My only gripe is that the ball joints in his elbows and knees allow for limited crouches. No military roadie runs I am afraid.

Predators-Dutch-Jungle-Encounter-Action-Figure-Series-9 review

Whilst his lower half is identical to the Jungle Patrol Dutch, as it recycles the same camo pants, there is an awesome difference. Unlike Series 8, Jungle Encounter Dutch does not have the muscle shirt under his tactical vest. So you get to see Dutch with the physique of the pioneer of bodybuilding… Arnold himself. Although his “Guns” could have been bigger, the face sculpt on this figure is amazing! It really looks like Arnold and while it has a glossy paint effect (this is accurate because the cast were made to look sweaty on the set of the original Predator movie). The face also has awesome war paint and mud applications to it. Effectively with a few customizations and weapon additions you could double this figure up as John Matrix from Commando. So if you are concerned about having similar figures, you could create a Jungle Encounter John Matrix and have a Jungle Patrol Dutch; but this figure is so great you will not be left with buyer’s remorse.


Other figures in this set includes a different take on the classic Predator and Jungle Disguise Dutch. For those concerned with the fact that Arnold seems to be losing more and more clothing with each Dutch figure released, you will be happy to know that Predators Series 9 is the last to feature Dutch, Series 10 will be a Kenner tribute series. For those disappointed that Arnold will no longer be stripping down, you may want to keep your fingers crossed and an eye on the Neca Terminator series.

Preators Series 9 Jungle Encounter Dutch is an Arnold figure with great articulation, great sculpting and great paint applications. For a low price of R349, this is a must have for any Arnold fan. It was worth waiting every moment. Big thanks to Readers Den!


Byron Hendricks

Byron Hendricks

Social Media Marketer and Rep for C2 Digital Print by day, all round geek all day too. Enjoys Heroclix, Comics, Video Games, Gunpla and collecting figurines. He is also a fitness freak with the aim of matching Batman’s maximum bench press of 350kg. Firm believer that Geekology (yes it is a study) has made him healthy, knowledgeable and... broke.

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