Greg Capullo Batman Figure Review

With Batman figures being made all the time one has to wonder just what would make this figure unique or even a want in the first place. The answer to that is Greg Capullo, as this figure is the first in his all new designer series!

Greg Capullo did a great job on the New 52 Batman and now he has done a great job of inspiring the creation of a Batman figure that finally looks like he is straight off the pages off the Court of Owls comic. The head sculpt is spot on, the shorter ears, rounder head and strong jaw really makes you feel like this is Batman. The cape and cowl look absolutely great, as I end just below the shoulders, at the top of the chest. The costume design contains less panelling and features a nice Bat symbol across the chest that is etched in along the outline. The belt features lots of pouches as one would expect of the prep time master. The New 52 bat shaped knee pads have been used on this sculpt as well, they work well as points of articulation on this figure. The muscle structure in this Batman is in proportion to Greg Capullo’s art. Batman looks as though he is in his prime with this athletic shape.

He is not overtly muscular, nor does he have those thunder thighs. The details are precise he has the knuckle decals on the gloves, panelling on the signature bladed gauntlets; even the boots have their signature panelling and treads underneath! The cape on this Caped Crusader is not the regular cape running flat down the back from the shoulder. This cape is more wind swept; it looks a little matt on the inside and has a nice shine on the outside. Be careful when removing the cape from the plastic packaging, if you are too rough it looks like you run the chance of doing some permanent damage to the figure.

The paint on this figure is great the Cowl, Logo, Gauntlets and Boots have a black gloss finish to them; they are all finished in a solid black which works quite well on the matt grey costume. The belt is also a rather matt yellow and this two creates a great contrast in colour and finishing. However it would seem that the cape has a coat of paint and is not a black piece of rubber. This might allow for chipping paint if you fiddle around with the cape too much. So you might want to avoid bending the cape too much. The flesh and skin tone used on Batman’s mouth and jaw look nice and the whited out eyes have been painted on quite well on this figure.

This Batman features far more articulation the its DC Collectibles New 52 predecessor, the Greg Capullo Designer figure has the following points of articulation. His head has some great articulation via a ball joint, he has ball jointed shoulder, swivels at the upper biceps, single jointed elbows, swivel at the cuff of the gloves, wrist swivels which are also hinged, an ab crunch with limited range of motion, he swivels at the waist, he has a T-crotch with swivels at the upper thigh, double jointed knees that look amazing thanks to the bat shaped knee pads; flying knees strikes poses have just gotten a lot cooler! He also has hinged ankles that rotate as well. So this figure also has a great range of motion and will be fun to pose.

Accessory wise you only receive three batarangs that fit quite well into his hand and I love the way that this figure can hold it. His hand has been sculpted with slots in between his fingers that allow him to hold the tiny batarangs in an impressive pose. The accessories are also painted with a black glossy finish to match the colours of the costume.

This DC Collectible has a new design for their window box packaging; this is because it is part of the Greg Capullo Designer Series. Batman’s name is written down the side of the window. The window is a lot wider and allows for a better view of the figure and its three accessories. There is no biography on the back of the box; instead you have the other figures that are in this designer series and a little write up about this Designer Range. The side of the box has a picture of Batman done in the silhouette style that DC collectibles New 52 makes use of. So you are able to store these figures in a library system alongside your other DC collectibles New 52 figures. It also has images on the inside of the box, so the inside is not too bland. Each character seems to have a different colour border on the box and Batman has a dark grey border and font colouring as he is The Dark Knight.

This is a great figure that really captures Greg Capullo’s art, the sculptor Jonathan Matthews has managed to pull off a great figure, it is not excellent but it is the best Batman in that price range at the moment for sure. This figure is sure to sell quickly as it is just so great looking bot in and outside of the box. The packaging has that clean designer feel, whilst contain the raw form of justice that is Batman.

Thanks to Critters and Comics, I was able to secure this Batman right off the bat. Make sure you visit today.

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