DC Collectibles Teen Titans: Red Robin Figure Review

Red Robin has finally taken flight and can be found perched on the shelves of your favourite comic book store. Since the Teen Titans line of DC Collectibles was released we have seen Wonder Girl, Superboy, Kid Flash and now the figure we have all been waiting for… Red Robin.


The sculpt looks great from head to toe; Lynders has given us an accurate sculpt that holds proportion quite well, making him a bit shorter would have made it a tad bit more comic accurate but that is a minor issue. The head and face sculpt is great on this figure. Right from the top, Red Robin’s hair has great sculpted detail as you can see the strands of hair sculpted as to give him that signature wind swept wavy look. His hair is painted in a nice strong black with a more matt like finish on the top. His face sculpt looks great, his mask has white out eyes which are painted perfectly, not a single flick of black paint is running into the whited out eyes of Red Robin. His lips have a dark pink paint application making them more visible and his face sterner. He has a great high collar to his suit that has gloss black paint at the cuff followed by matt black. The detail is fine and accurate on this one. His left shoulder bears his signature logo it is debossed quite nicely and being so tiny one can only commend the accuracy of the painted logo. His torso bears some great detail. The proportions are done quite well, you can see Red Robin is a teenager as he is not overtly muscular he is sleek and more athletic looking. His highly detailed harness has a gold metallic paint and it runs across his chest and upper abdomen; at the center of the harness we have a gloss black buckle which works well with the colour scheme. His torso has some great panelling once again featuring extremely fine details. His biceps have armbands that match the harness on his torso they introduce gold to the arms which are predominantly black, his gloves also feature some gold accents on the forearm and across the knuckles, his gloves contain some nice wrinkles and creases but it is not exactly highly detailed beyond the added dry brushing. He has a matt black belt that holds a few black pouches and an off center gold belt buckle. From the waist down the figure is mostly matt black with a red panelling and plates on the thighs and knee caps. His combat boots are finished with a grey dry brush over black plastic, giving his boots a dusty and worn look. The amount of concentration and effort place on these intricate finishes is impressive, as colours running over each other are few and far between.


In terms of articulation, this Red Robin could have been a little more limber; instead he is limited to what we have come to expect from this line. He has a ball joint head that moves side to side and the up and down motion of the head is basically non-existent, as it moves ever so slightly. So in flight poses are not possible and will not look realistic. His shoulders are on ball joints and are able to complete a full 360 degree swivel. He has bicep swivels that cut just below the arm bands on his biceps; these are followed by single jointed elbows and a swivel at the cuff of his glove. There is no wrist articulation at all. There is no torso articulation at all not even a swivel above the belt, an opportunity wasted, no pun intended. His thighs attached to the hip via the use of ball joints. The legs can move forward and back (Once wings are detached) with ease. He can also perform split legged fly kicks which is great, after all he is a Robin. There is no thigh swivel, single jointed knees, a swivel at the top of his boot and a hinge at the ankle. His ankle hinges work quite well but his lack of a thigh swivel robs this Red Robin of some great poses.

You only get one accessory and that is Red Robin’s wing back pack. It is a bulky detachable piece that introduces a tonne of detail to the figure. The panelling on the wings gives it a great feather like appearance. The strong red paint on the back pack looks vibrant adding a bit of life to this youthful character. But the downfall of this highly detailed backpack is the fact that it cannot move. The wings cannot spread in the slightest; essentially what you see is exactly what you get. A winged cape that does not allow for in flight poses is just tragic; it would have been great to see this figure in flight.


This figure has the standard packaging; the only notable differences would be the “Teen Titans” and Batman 75th Anniversary logos. The back of the box gives a brief bio on the leader of the Teen Titans. This is followed by pictures of the other figures in the series thus far. The one side of the box has an impressive Red Robin silhouette whilst the other has a picture of the unpackaged figure.

This figure looks great, although it has the potential to be among the top DC Collectibles; sadly its lack of articulation and accessories hold it back…ever so slightly. The sculpt is perfect and one that truly looks like the character. This is a Red Robin that looks as though he jumped right off of the pages of The New 52 Teen Titles comic; only problem is that it would have been great to see this figure in mid-flight…but alas this is a gripe the buyer will have to decide on and deal with. A huge thanks to Critters and Comics for supplying me with this great figure, visit www.crittersandcomics.co.za for more awesome goodies!

Byron Hendricks

Byron Hendricks

Social Media Marketer and Rep for C2 Digital Print by day, all round geek all day too. Enjoys Heroclix, Comics, Video Games, Gunpla and collecting figurines. He is also a fitness freak with the aim of matching Batman’s maximum bench press of 350kg. Firm believer that Geekology (yes it is a study) has made him healthy, knowledgeable and... broke.

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