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Ease of Learning: 4 / 5

Ease of Use: 4 / 5

Enjoyment: 4 / 5

Design: 4.5 / 5

Value for Money: 4 / 5

I consider myself an Xbox gaming veteran. One thing that made me enjoy the consoles so much was how epic the controller was and how great it was using it. Then Microsoft decided to take their amazing Xbox One controller and make it even more epic. The Xbox One Elite Controller is a dream come true for any gamer; be it Pro, casual or just your everyday gamer.


I have taken the Elite Controller for a test drive and I can honestly say I am in love with this controller. Just holding the controller in your hands feels like a huge improvement. The trigger buttons and shoulder buttons have been slightly improved. The sensibility of the thumb sticks has been tweaked for a smoother feel. They added a rubber texture to the controllers grip for a more comfortable feel. Just these small tweaks they made it a great “standard” controller, but there is so much more to this controller. With all the added extras and trips you can do with it. It truly is elite.


What’s in the box?

So the controller comes with some great features and the biggest one is the ability to change the layout — like swap the D-Pad with a different one and change the thumbsticks and now with some added paddle buttons to make gaming easier. So you must be thinking, I now need to buy a whole bunch of accessories for the controller? That isn’t true. When you buy the controller you get the following:

  • Set of 2 D-pads: faceted and standard
  • Set of 6 thumbsticks: Standard (2), Tall (2) and Domed (2)
  • Set of 4 Paddles
  • USB Cable
  • Carry Case
  • AA Batteries
  • Quick Setup Guide and Product Manual.

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There are multiple combinations you can use that will suit your gaming style. My preferred layout is as following: standard Left Thumbstick, Right Domed Thumbstick, with faceted D-pad and standard layout of the paddles. Shor paddles on top and longer paddles at the bottom. This layout gives me a more natural feel and makes me game a little faster.


Button Mapping

With the latest Xbox Dashboard update, you can change your controllers mapping, e.g. Make X the A button etc. I will never use button mapping on a regular controller, but with the Xbox Elite, that is a whole different story. You can load two different controller profiles onto the controller itself. This makes it easier so that you don’t have to go change the layout every time. I made my first profile a generic one that works in many different games and then I made a Halo 5 Guardians specific layout for Multiplayer. So when I jump into Halo 5, I flip the little switch to 2 and I am ready to go.

The controller also features Hair Trigger Locks. This allows you to shoot and aim faster. By flipping the Hair Trigger locks, you make the RT and LT triggers so much more responsive. This really changes the game completely. I played Star Wars Battlefront and I survived so many gun battles by firing so much quicker than my attacker. But I have to say, at the beginning, it felt like I was cheating in the game with this, but that feeling didn’t last long.


Other games I really enjoyed playing with the controller are the racing games. By setting the paddles at your fingertips to be the gear up and gear down triggers made it so much easier to drive. I have always felt that doing gear changes with a controller felt like a real mission, but this controller fixed that for me and it greatly improved on my lap times. But strangely I felt that when you played a casual game like Knight Squad or some indie platformer, the paddles kind felt out of place. I sometimes found myself disabling them or removing them all together.


The only thing that will put so many people off about this controller is the price tag. This controller isn’t the cheapest around, with it retailing around R3000. But after I have used it for a couple of days, I can kind of justify the price. The controller might not suit everyone’s pockets, but it is well worth the money. If you play loads of competitive gaming or play loads of online multiplayer then this controller is highly recommended. But if you just a casual gaming that plays games now and then, then sticking with the standard controller is cool.

All in all, I really love this controller and you have to try to really feel and see how awesome it really is.

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