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Model: Philips Series 7000 - S7330/50

    Skin Comfort: Comfort rings, AquaTec Wet & Dry
    Shaving system: GentlePresicion Blade System, 5-direction DynamicFlex Heads, Super Lift & Cut Action
    Handle: Ergonomic grip & handling
    Display: 3 level battery indicator, Battery low indicator, Cleaning indicator, Replace shaving heads indicator, Travel lock indicator
    Battery: Li-ion
Product Link: Philips South Africa

Ease of Learning: 4 / 5

Ease of Use: 4.5 / 5

Enjoyment: 4.5 / 5

Design: 4.5 / 5

Value for Money: 4 / 5

If there’s one thing that most men hate, it’s shaving. The time, the skin irritation, the cuts and the fact it just grows back only to repeat the process daily, weekly, or monthly. There are many razors, trimmers, clippers and shavers out there, all claiming to be the best in their respective categories, promising a smooth, close, and irritation-free shave. But are they able to deliver on such promises?

Philips has long been a manufacturer of fine shavers over the years, and have recently released an update of their 7000 series shaver. The shaver was released in a number of different variants, none of which can actually be termed “entry-level”. Instead, the premium range of shavers are well-designed, which can be used in wet and dry conditions, and a choice between a closer shave and preferences for sensitive skin. The unit I received was the Philips 7000 Series Wet and Dry Electric Shaver, model number S7350 for sensitive skin.

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Build and Design

There’s no doubting the build quality of the unit. The amount of science that went into the development of this shaver is a lot more than most other gadgets in my home. Interestingly, each of the variants of shavers have differences in flex-tech along with their head coating, and a few others. The S7350 microbead coating for anti-friction movement on the surface of the skin for a smooth glide as your shave. This allows the unit to alleviate most of the irritation caused by most shavers. The blades themselves are also designed differently, isolating hairs as your shave, which protects the skin as it cuts. The head of the unit also swivels in five directions, from the head attachment as a whole, or the three individual heads, all of which make it easier for the shaver to move around the contours of your face and neck areas.

The main body is very ergonomic and ambidextrous, allowing it to be held in both the left and right hand. The body also houses a Li-ion battery that gives you up to 50 minutes of shaving time, with a recharge time of approximately one hour. In truth, while it may seem to have quite a short battery life, I managed to continue using the unit over the course of a month without ever having to recharge. It all depends on your shaving time and weekly usage. On the front of the body there are a few LED indicators; 3-level Battery Indicator, Cleaning Indicator, Battery Low Indicator, Replacement Head Indicator and Travel Lock Indicator. These prove very useful whenever you’re using the unit, although not all indicators may show.

The unit also comes with two additional attachments, a beard styler (trimmer), as well as a facial brush for exfoliation. The styler has five length settings depends on how long you wish to keep your beard, while the brush contains 32,000 active bristles to clean and massage your skin after shaving.

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Specifications and Performance

All the gadgetry of a device may be good on paper, but its worth depends on how it stands up during testing and usage. Thankfully, the S7350 performs excellently on almost all areas, without any fuss either.

Regarding the units claim to a sensitive shave in wet and dry conditions, I can attest to its truth. The only irritation I experienced was after the first usage, which was almost a given provided that I have changed my shaving routine. After a few hours I had experienced a few bumps appearing in the areas shaved that morning, which immediately had me raising a few questions. But, all subsequent shaves have not been met with the same annoyances, allowing me to shave to my liking. I preferred using the shave with some cream, which produced the best shaving results in terms of smoothness and closeness.

Speaking of the closeness of shave, the S7350 doesn’t deliver the best results in this area, and depending on the growth rate of your beard (yes, that is a thing), you may find yourself with a 5 O’Clock Shadow before the day is up. I would rate my beard growth as erratic and slow at best, and yet, I would still feel the need to do a trim the next morning, something that usually takes me a few days to repeat.

Philips Series 7000 Shaver-03

Cleaning the unit couldn’t be easier. Simply detach the attachment and place it under some running water, and you’re done. It’s really is that easy. You will notice the fine hairs in the sink during the rinse, indicating that the heads are being washed clean under the tap.

As already discussed, the battery is still going strong, with two of the three bars still remaining. After some research on previous units, the one hour charging time is something of significant value to loyal Philips users, a process that may have previously taken in access of 5 hours to complete on legacy models. The S7350 didn’t come with its own stand, so when charging you will have to leave it lying around somewhere while connected to the socket, which may not feel like the most ideal scenario, so it’s best to place it somewhere out of the way.

Philips Series 7000 Shaver-04


The Philips Series 7000 Electrical Shaver is a lightweight, portable, and professionally designed unit for a wet and dry shave. Shaving is a dream for sensitive skin, with little to no irritation (after the first use perhaps). The unit also includes two attachments in the form of a styler and brush, although it does lack the inclusion of a pop-up trimmer for cleaning edges. The battery life and charging time are also worth mentioning.

If you’re looking for a truly close shave without worrying about skin irritation, then this unit isn’t for you. But Philips does have a few other portable units that may interest you. If, however, you suffer from post-shave irritation, then this unit is definitely for you. I truly enjoy using the S7350, as I don’t have to worry about nicks and scratches any more, while also shaving in the dry without the annoyance of recurring pimples.

The Philips 7000 Shaver series is available at selected Clicks and Dischem stores, at the following prices:

  • S7510/41 – RRP R2399
  • S7530/50 – RRP R2599

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  1. Mike Brewis

    Good day. Thanks for a very good review. I have puchased the new Philips S7510 a few months ago and agree that the unit is well built. But one thing is bothering me. The shaver does not shave close at all. I do not think I have a very hard beardand I it does not bother me at all about sensitivity. I just wanted a close shave and this shaver definetly does not shave close at all. Can one fit a diferent head that will gie a nice close shave? Thanks and best regards Mike.

    • To be honest, I not certain about whether the heads are interchangeable, although I wouldn’t see why they wouldn’t be. I’ll check with Philips and get their recommendation. For me, my beard doesn’t grow fast at all, so a single shave lasts almost two weeks.

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