Hide My IP Android App Review – Now You Can Be From Anonymous Too
Model: Hide My IP - Android App
Specifications: Secure VPN
Product Link: Google Play Store

Ease of Learning: 4.5 / 5

Ease of Use: 4 / 5

Enjoyment: 3.5 / 5

Design: 3 / 5

Value for Money: 4 / 5

A few weeks back, Fortress of Solitude featured the desktop version for the Hide My IP app software suite. The software was not only easy to use but provided additional security for my firewall, as well as allowed access to internationally blocked websites. What’s great about purchasing the software is that you also get access to an app for your smartphone using the same license. I installed the Hide My IP Android app, and what I found is that the app isn’t necessarily as powerful, but is a lot simpler to use.

The Features

As with the desktop app, the Android version offers some of the same basic features. These include:

  • Browse region-blocked websites from around the world
  • Browse anonymously
  • Send anonymous email

What the app doesn’t include is the capability to use limit the usage to only certain apps, but rather for all apps that use mobile data.

Hide My IP Android App Review – Now You Can Be From Anonymous Too


Upon opening the app, you’re met with a display of your current IP and an option to connect to the Hide My IP servers with a simple touch of a button. The main menu also a list of the available IPs from the different regions in alphabetical order. The list is quite extensive and may have been slightly better managed if it were grouped per country, and not all listed at once.

When using the app for the first time, you’ll be prompted to add your license key to unlock the features. After inserting this, you’ll have the ability to connect to any of the listed IP regions. In the settings menu, you’ll have a few options you’re able to configure. These include changing the license key, verifying your IP address, rating the app and change more advanced settings. These settings provide options to automatically connect to the Hide My IP service upon device startup, the choice between UDP and TCP connectivity, or add a custom proxy.


While the smartphone app isn’t as feature-packed as the desktop version, especially in terms of advanced settings, it is robust and very easy to use. If you’re looking for a more secure mobile experience, Hide My IP will assist you with your daily needs, without consuming additional data and is lightweight as well, running smoothly in the background. If you also with to unlock region-blocked ads from across the globe, the app is just as useful.

As with the desktop app, a lot of the performance is based on location, time of day and distance between the two regions, which potentially result in a higher ping. Choosing the correct region, then, is important, even from within the same country. As with the desktop version, the Hide My IP Android app is a great companion on the go.

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