• The Batman: The Trolls Owe Robert Pattinson an Apology October 16, 2021
    They say that history repeats itself. And it’s a way of reminding us of lessons we need to remember. In terms of fandom, though, you have to wonder if it’ll ever learn. Especially when it comes to The Batman. When Robert Pattinson was announced as the new Caped Crusader, the reaction was exactly as expected: […]
    Sergio Pereira
  • Could a Season 9 of Game Thrones Fix the Series? October 16, 2021
    Fans have been begging for a season 9 of Game of Thrones. But is it a good idea? There’s no other way around it: Game of Thrones’ final season managed to disappoint everyone. Long-time fans of the show felt betrayed by some of the most baffling directorial decisions we’ve ever seen in the history of […]
    Staff Writer
  • Xiaomi Poco M3 Review – Affordability & Great Design October 15, 2021
    It’s been a fascinating time in South Africa when it comes to mid-range smartphones. The market has seen a mini-influx of new brands, as well as new ranges from established brands. This can only be good for the consumer, as competition to rule the roost brings with it competitive pricing and enhanced features at that […]
    Evan Saunders
  • An Audience Reacts To Dune October 15, 2021
    Yesterday a few of our Cape Town and Johannesburg readers were treated to an early screening of Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, the epic sci-fi film based on Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel of the same name. Thanks to Empire Entertainment, we hosted an early screening of the film at Cape Gate and Mall of Africa Ster-Kinekor IMAX. […]
    Staff Writer
  • PUMA X PUMA Draws Inspiration from Basketball Culture October 15, 2021
    A year ago, PUMA dropped its football-inspired PUMA X PUMA collection. Now, 12 months later, the sports brand is back with its latest drop for the range. The PUMA X PUMA collection looks back at the finest moments within PUMA’s history. These designs and stories from the brand were used to create a new authentic […]
    Evan Saunders
  • Henry Cavill’s Sherlock Holmes Deserves His Own Netflix Series October 15, 2021
    We all loved seeing Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes. But we want more. The Netflix cinematic universe has given us some brilliant characters over the years. Even more impressive is that some of the best characters the streaming platform has to offer aren’t even the protagonists of their own stories. We’ve seen […]
    Staff Writer
  • 5 Horror Games To Play This Halloween October 14, 2021
    Spooktober has begun, and for many fans of all things scary, it’s the time of year to revisit horror favourites. The horror game genre can be depicted in a variety of ways, ranging from slow and atmospheric to fast and intense action gorefests. I’ve curated a list of different horror games that will both terrify […]
    Jason Clements
  • Ted Lasso Season 3 Needs to Be the Apple TV+ Show’s Last October 14, 2021
    The season finale of Ted Lasso ended on a huge cliffhanger, painting an intriguing picture for what’s to come. However, after it wraps up its loose ends and story arcs, Ted Lasso Season 3 should really be the show’s last. What does The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men have in common? […]
    Sergio Pereira
  • This Robin Williams Impersonator Should Play The Legend In A Biopic October 13, 2021
    Are you ready for a biopic based on Robin William’s life? Impersonating celebrities is no easy task. You either make an amazing job impersonating Morgan Freeman, or you end up regurgitating the same three Austin Powers lines over and over. Perhaps the secret to a successful impersonation lies in the attention to the most minuscule […]
    Staff Writer
  • Mortal Kombat 12: 5 Characters That Need to Return October 13, 2021
    There’s no denying that Mortal Kombat 11 delivered the goods. It roundhouse kicked us into fighting utopia. Though, there were still a few familiar faces missing from the final roster. Some that many fans noticed almost immediately. So, here’s hoping these 5 characters return for the impending Mortal Kombat 12. Reptile Think about it: Reptile […]
    Sergio Pereira
  • Scream 2022: The Franchise is Nothing Without Wes Craven October 13, 2021
    In the latest trend of “bringing back stuff from the 90s,” a new Scream movie has been announced for 2022. The movie serves as the fifth instalment in the Scream franchise and the first without Wes Craven at the helm. Craven’s passing in 2015 left a scar in the horror landscape that still hasn’t healed, […]
    Staff Writer
  • Converse X Feng Chen Wang Back for 3rd Drop – Reborn From the Rubble October 12, 2021
    In 2020, Converse teamed up with Chinese designer, Feng Chen Wang. The success of their debut collection was soon followed by a second drop almost a year ago. After having hit the fashion runways earlier this year, the duo is back with the latest Converse X Feng Chen Wang. For this release, a dynamic 2-in-1 […]
    Evan Saunders
  • Fitbit Luxe Review – Bringing Fashion to Fitness October 12, 2021
    Fitness trackers have become quite a staple for many users around the world. Between 15 and 20% of people around the world have some sort of fitness device. This spans a wide range of reasons, whether it be for your health, your insurance or even as a style piece. In April 2021, Fitbit launched its […]
    Evan Saunders
  • Top 5 Stylish Movie Characters October 12, 2021
    The maxim that the clothes make the man can also be applied to film — sometimes the clothes really do make the film. Major film bodies give significant awards for costuming because hundreds of thousands of dollars are regularly spent on costumes for big budget films. If you have ever watched a movie and thought […]
    Staff Writer
  • Bruce Willis Should Play Lex Luthor in an Injustice Movie October 12, 2021
    We’ve all noticed the similarities between Injustice‘s Lex Luthor and Bruce Willis. Should the Die Hard actor play the role in a film based on the character? In the world of DC comics, hardly any other timeline is as dark as the Injustice one. Based on the fighting video game developed by NetherRealm Studios (the […]
    Staff Writer
  • Sommelier, Oenophile or Casual Sipper: Five Wine Movies That Will Captivate You October 12, 2021
    Whether you love to linger over a glass of Pinot Grigio at lunch or look forward to savouring a beloved Merlot after a hard day at work, wine is a drink that has captured our hearts. A fundamental part of modern society, wine makes a dinner more sophisticated, lending a twist of instant elegance to […]
    Staff Writer
  • Samsung Galaxy A22 Review – One of the Best Mid-Range Phones October 12, 2021
    With the recent woes of Huawei and the Google Play Store saga, Samsung has been the de facto leader when it comes to budget smartphones in South Africa. However, it has seen many challengers pop up during the same time to attempt to steal some of the prime market share. Samsung’s changing naming conventions hasn’t […]
    Evan Saunders
  • EXiT: The Deserted Lighthouse Review October 12, 2021
    It’s a dark and stormy night. The beam of light from the lighthouse that usually punches through the dark is mysteriously absent. Worst yet, a ship is heading straight for the rocky coast. In EXiT: The Deserted Lighthouse, yet another great title from the EXiT puzzle game franchise, it’s up to you to figure out […]
    Deville Louw
  • Denis Villeneuve Should Direct a Batman Beyond Movie October 12, 2021
    Just imagine what a Batman Beyond movie directed by Denis Villeneuve would look like. With the total dominance of superhero films at the box office, it stands to reason that most filmmakers would want a piece of that pie. That said, some directors have a more defined visual style than others, making them less likely […]
    Staff Writer
  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage: The Best Stories to Prep for The Film October 12, 2021
    Are you hungry? Well, some symbiote goodness is coming your way in Andy Serkis’ Venom: Let There Be Carnage, starring Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson. It’s set to be quite the occasion as long-time enemies Venom and Carnage clash for the first time on the big screen. However, the two symbiotes have clashed more than […]
    Sergio Pereira