• Willem Dafoe Wants To Play Joker Alongside Joaquin Phoenix January 24, 2022
    “Willem Dafoe as the Joker!” “Willem Dafoe as the Joker!” For the longest time, fans have been campaigning to see the American-Italian actor as The Clown Prince of Crime in a Batman film. Dafoe’s facial expressions, his look, his build, his voice, and, of course, his laugh are perfectly suited for the role. There’s just […]
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  • Do New Superheroes Have a Chance to Be the Next Batman or Spider-Man? January 23, 2022
    Everywhere you look, there’s a new comic book movie or TV show announced. With all the regular suspects like Batman and Spider-Man tied up to global conglomerates, other studios and streaming services are desperately clamouring for the rights to the remaining characters and recognisable stories. The question is, do new superheroes have a chance to […]
    Sergio Pereira
  • BraveStarr: Can We Get A Reboot or a Live-Action Movie? January 21, 2022
    It’s 2022 and we still haven’t gotten a BraveStarr reboot or a live-action movie? What’s happening, Hollywood? Marshal BraveStarr, the Native American superhero from New Texas in the 23rd century is a beloved ’80s cartoon character and toy figurine. He was developed by Filmation, producers of animation and live-action programmes for television and toymakers Mattel. […]
    Neilan Adams
  • PUMA Flare Pack Football Boots Announced January 21, 2022
    Towards the end of 2021, PUMA announced its Under the Lights colourway for its football boots. To kick things off in 2022, the brand has unveiled the all-new PUMA Flare pack. The return of the ULTRA and FUTURE silhouettes bring new fire editions. The ULTRA 1.4 and FUTURE Z 1.2 bring an explosive new look, […]
    Evan Saunders
  • FIFINE K690 Review – A Great Multipurpose USB Microphone January 21, 2022
    If you’re on a tight budget and you need a great microphone for content creation, the FIFINE K690 microphone might be your best choice. Content creation has continually increased over the past decade. Whether you’re an actual content creator by trade or just capturing your favourite personal moments with family and friends, almost all of […]
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  • Wolverine In The MCU: How, When, Why, Who? January 21, 2022
    It’s the burning question every Marvel fan wants answered: When will Wolverine join the MCU? And also… Who will play the iconic character? How will the X-Men join the Marvel Cinematic Universe? And has Hugh Jackman really put away his claws? Let’s delve into the theories, rumours, and discussions around Wolverine joining the MCU. Marvel’s […]
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  • Unmatched: Battle of Legends – Asymmetrical Combat January 21, 2022
    For a moment, think back to when you were a kid on the playground with your friends. Do you remember arguing over who would win in a battle? Superman or Spider-Man? Gandalf or Merlin? These types of debates were common when I was younger. Unmatched: Battle of Legends is a board game that, in a […]
    Deville Louw
  • The Tiger Rising Review – Cheesy AF January 21, 2022
    Can a film spell out its entire plot in just the three letters of its name? The Tiger Rising does exactly that. The last three years have been a very strange period in Hollywood. There’s been a huge shift from focusing on creating good films to just creating a mass amount of content. It’s a […]
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  • Injustice 3: Release Date, Characters & News January 20, 2022
    Released 5 years ago, Injustice 2 was a huge success and, arguably, one of the best fighting games. With Mortal Kombat 11’s cycle seemingly wrapped up and Mortal Kombat 12 probably in development, it’s high time to speculate on what DC Comics characters we could potentially see in Injustice 3. The original Injustice games have […]
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  • God of War PC Review – Better Than PlayStation? January 20, 2022
    God of War on PC couldn’t be better than the console version, right? Well… Back in 2020, Sony released its biggest port at the time, Horizon Zero Dawn. Although it wasn’t met with unanimous praise all around, it was a very good port. After having clocked just 100 hours clearing all the last achievements, I […]
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  • Best Blonde Anime Characters January 20, 2022
    If you’ve been watching anime for a long time, there’s a 99% chance that every anime you’ve seen has a blonde character. Blonde anime characters are usually good-natured even if they are a bit difficult to handle. Usually associated with main characters, protagonists with golden locks are some of the most committed to achieving their […]
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  • Scott Adkins Movies: One of The Greatest Action Stars of the 21st Century January 19, 2022
    A prolific martial artist and a daring stuntman, Scott Adkins has been kicking and punching his way into action movies and Hollywood stardom since the early 2000s. Adkins studied under some of the best martial arts film choreographers in Hong Kong, including Corey Yuen and Jackie Chan. As an Englishman (from Sutton Coldfield, a town […]
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  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction Review – Gung-Slow January 19, 2022
    What happens when you combine the Navy SEAL tactics of the Rainbow Six games with the threat of aliens? Well, besides sounding like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s next screenplay, it definitely injects something new and different into the franchise. But does Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction deliver? The gameplay There are 18 operators from you […]
    Sergio Pereira
  • Microsoft Acquires Activision Blizzard. Who’s Next? January 18, 2022
    After Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax in 2021 (gaining access to Bethesda IPs), many wondered which gaming studio the technology company would purchase next, especially with Phil Spencer hinting at more acquisitions down the line. Well, after months of speculation, Microsoft has announced that it will be acquiring Activision Blizzard for $68.7 Billion, which works out […]
    Deville Louw
  • Man of Steel 2: Henry Cavill’s Superman Needs To Return January 18, 2022
    There’s no doubt that Hollywood works under its own rules, hence Man of Steel 2 being stuck in the Phantom Zone for seven years. While director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, starring Henry Cavill and Amy Adams, didn’t make the crazy Marvel money on the big screen, the film is constantly cited—for better or worse—as […]
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  • 10 Actors Nobody Hates January 18, 2022
    Popular actors are some of the more divisive public personalities there are – and that’s a fact that’s even more accentuated in social media. The sheer amount of vitriolic discourse that an average Twitter thread can produce is something that has to be seen to be believed. That’s why it’s so refreshing to see that […]
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  • Batman Beyond: When Will We Get A Live-Action Movie? January 18, 2022
    Fans have been begging Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment for a live-action Batman Beyond movie for a long time. Will the studios finally deliver? Think back to 1999. Batman Beyond, or Batman of the Future as it was known in some countries, had the weight of the world on its shoulders when the original series […]
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  • Helena Modrzejewska (Modjeska): Who Was The Polish Actress? January 17, 2022
    On October 12th, Google released a doodle honouring the 181st birthday of Helena Modrzejewska (Modjeska), a renowned Polish actress known for her Shakespearean roles. Better known by her stage name “Madame Modjeska,” this particular doodle could only be seen by Google users who resided either in Poland or in the United States. The question, however, […]
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  • Superman Returns: The Underrated Man of Steel Movie January 15, 2022
    Back in 2006, superhero films weren’t nearly as popular as they are today. Sure, the Sam Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy was a smashing success, but it’s safe to say that other comic book characters weren’t as lucky. That’s where Brandon Routh’s Superman Returns comes in. This underestimated flick aimed to do something that very few superhero […]
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  • The 10 Most Muscular Superheroes January 15, 2022
    It’s difficult to tell which are the most muscular superheroes, especially when you consider that different artists depict the various characters very differently. That said, some superheroes are definitely sketched bigger and stronger than others. It seems inevitable for most superheroes that, no matter what their powers are, they must be superstrong in one way […]
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