Is Sega Teasing A New Sonic Racing Game?

Sega has teased what seems like a new Sonic the Hedgehog racing game via the official Sonic Twitter feed. The Tweet contained a short teaser trailer which seems to point to a new racing game featuring the famous blue hedgehog.

Is Sega Teasing A New Sonic Racing Game?

The teaser trailer features a silhouette of a loge with a stylized “R” similar to the one which appeared in the logo for the Sega Saturn Sonic Racing game. Along with the logo, we can hear cars revving and what seems to be the headlights of a vehicle. Beyond the teaser trailer, there wasn’t much revealed.

With the physical release of Sonic Mania being announced by Sega and a new collaboration with Puma, it looks as if Sega is trying really hard to keep the Sonic brand alive. With Sonic Mania probably being the only good Sonic game in recent memory, it’s been more and more difficult to prove that the blue hedgehog is still relevant in this day and age.

As someone who has been a Sonic fan since his first appearance way back in 1991, I truly wish that Sega is able to revive the brand to the heights it once was. Let’s hope this new game does the fans proud.

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