Nike Air Max Day - A Brief History And Release Guide

For many Nike fans, you’ll probably have heard that yesterday, 26th March, was Nike Air Max Day. We take a quick look back, and a glance at what has already been a busy month in terms of releases for the company.

Nike Air Max Day - A Brief History And Release Guide

Air Max 1

A Brief History

As previously covered in the Sneaker History segment (The Most Important Tech Over The Years), the Air Max is one of the most iconic sneakers in history, not simply for its good looks, but also for its air cushioning, which in this case, was represented externally as well. The first Air Max 1 dropped on 26 March in 1987 and was designed by Tinker Hatfield. Hatfield drew inspiration from the Pompidou Center in Paris, which famously features an “inside-out” design. Spot the relation?

Nike Air Max Day - A Brief History And Release Guide

Pompidou Center

Air Max Day

The first Air Max day took place in 2014 when Nike declared a full 24 hours to honour the 27 years of the sneaker’s history and greatness. The inaugural Air Max day also saw the release of a limited edition Air Max 1 “Air Max Day” silhouette. A few pop-up stores appeared around the globe, and thanks to its success, the event has been celebrated ever since.

Air Max Month

Although not official, it’s clear that Nike considers March as Air Max month. Their release guide for this month alone has been crazy, as you can tell from the gallery below. This goes to prove Hatfield’s belief that sneakers aren’t simply sneakers, but “part of the fabric of our time.”

All of that, and more to come as the below teaser indicates:

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