Pitch Perfect 2 Review

There are only three syllables that can perfectly describe Pitch Perfect 2; aca-awesome. The sequel to Pitch Perfect definitely lives up to the hype of the first film, if not
By Chelsey Walsh on 08 May 2015

Hateship Loveship Review

When last did you watch a film and have no idea what was going to happen next? ‘Hateship Loveship’ is an adaptation of the short story by Alice Munroe, and
By Meagan Taylor on 07 Dec 2014

Romeo & Juliet (2013) Review

The latest adaption of one of Shakespeare’s most popular tragedies is exactly that – a tragedy. Understandably, Zeffirelli like many others is free to practise creative freedom, but with a
By Marceline Lee on 03 Jun 2014

Ender’s Game Review

If you have never heard of this film or after being thrilled by the trailer, forgot it was ever made don’t beat yourself up. Promotion and marketing for the flick
By Neilan Adams on 07 Apr 2014