Two Night Stand Review

Age Restriction:
Studio: Demarest Films
Running Time: 86 mins

Verdict: 2.5 / 5

After Meagan’s fairy tale is shattered by a cheating fiancé, she is encouraged to ‘get back on the horse’ by her roommate (who secretly hopes Meagan will get her life sorted and move out). Unsure of how to even go about meeting someone new, Meagan registers for online dating. Queue the montage and slow down with a couple of glasses of wine to build courage for a ‘hook up’.


Of course this being a movie, one can right off the many unlikely points, like the second pop-up conversation being with a likable guy, Alec (Miles Teller), that happens to be perfect for her. A quick video chat establishes he isn’t a psycho and she is off to Brooklyn for her very first ‘booty call’.

Neglecting to heed the blizzard warning, Meagan can’t make a quick exit the morning after, as the front door is snowed in. Awkwardly, she walks back up to Alec’s, the air still thick from their hostile departure. But Alec, unlike the weather, quickly melts her heart and the two make the best of an awkward situation. It is playful and honest (within bounds) for the next 24 hours. Teller and Tipton create credible chemistry and make for an easy watching experience.

Although she could just have broken a window or climbed down the fire escape to get out, that sort of logic would’ve ruined the whole plot. And despite the predictability and the typical rom-com plot recipe, Two Night Stand is still the type of movie you can enjoy on an evening in. So this is for anyone that enjoyed movies like Friends With Benefits or When Harry Met Sally.

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