Tracers Review

Age Restriction:
Studio: Saban Films, Cowtown Cinema Ventures, Temple Hill Entertainment
Running Time: 94 mins

Verdict: 1.5 / 5

If your flag is flying high for ‘Team Jacob’ then Tracers is a movie just for you. Taylor Lautner (Twilight’s favourite ware-wolf) plays the role of Cam, a parkour prodigy. The hard core action choreography proves to look grand on the big screen but unfortunately the film is uninspiring and dreary.


Cam is a bike messenger that delivers mysterious packages to gangsters and dodgy business men. He is in this sneaky business because he owes $15,000 to a group of Chinese mobsters. Unfortunately, his income stops when he crashes his bike into a good-looking free runner, Nikki (Avgeropoulos). Cam is completely blown away by her charm that he seeks her out. When he meets her gang of parkour friends, he devotes his time to learning parkour and befriends them. He soon finds out that his new friends use their specialist skills to pull off money heists. He grabs the opportunity to join their gang in order to pay his debt off. However, each job is more dangerous then the next and he has to keep himself alive. Cam and Nikki develop a relationship that leads to trouble with his new found gang leader.


Director Daniel Benmayor is new to the scene and, unfortunately, the film is really slow paced compared to the fast action sequences and the brilliant choreography. The narrative lacks depth and is filled with all the movie clichés you can think of. Lautner comes across as a hardcore bad boy; he has the muscles and physic to pull off the leaps and jumps. However, once you realise the motive for his criminal behaviour and try to sympathize with his circumstances, the audience engagement falls short because of the poor character development and sincerity.

I must say that the running / action sequences are impressive. It’s evident that the stunts were performed on-set and not created in post-production. Overall, the film is nothing out of the ordinary, which is unfortunate because it had a lot of potential since parkour is an impressive growing sport.

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