Toy Story 3: 3D Blu-Ray

Studio: Pixar
Running Time: 102 mins

Story: 4.5 / 5

The Toy Story Franchise is a marvellous achievement, lifting Pixar animation studios off the ground and establishing computer animation as a viable medium in film. Animated movies wouldn’t be where it is today without the very first Toy Story, so it seems that the end of this trilogy, Toy Story 3, is a very important one. This film is the only one released in 3D out of the set and Disney has done well packing it with tons of goodies and features as always.

You definitely get your money’s worth out of this package; not only due to the extent of the video and audio quality, but also the amount of extras squashed into this two disc set. As always with a Pixar movie, you get the Pixar Short that they made to be released with the film, this time being ‘Day & Night’; a beautiful story about prejudice and accepting those who are perhaps different to you. I only wish that they could’ve presented this in 3D as well, but unfortunately it’s not.

Toy Story 3-3D Blu-Ray - 01

The Story

This final chapter in the trilogy takes you on a journey where the toys you have come to know and love in the first two films are faced with their own destiny. Andy no longer needs them, so what happens now? They end up in a day-care centre and attempt a ‘prison break’ after finding out that this place isn’t as great as it seems on the outside. They ultimately discover where their next step in their journey lies and the film manages to bring the trilogy to a warm and happy end.

If I can send out a warning to everyone though, especially fans of the franchise…Expect a lot of emotional moments! I’d like to use the phrase “hits you right in the feels”, because you don’t expect it at all, it’s like an emotional jack in the box except an onion pops out (guys, don’t watch this with someone you’re trying to impress…or just wear sunglasses).

Toy Story 3-3D Blu-Ray - 02

Video Quality

This is one of the most ‘clean’ untreated or stylized animations out there, everything is crisp and classic, lending its style from the first Toy Story. Presented in 1080p Hi-Def / 16×9 / 1.78:1 and animated for 3D viewing. Whilst the 3D isn’t mind blowing, it does what it needs to do, creating that extra layer of depth into the film, plus my eyes didn’t feel strained after watching, which it often does with other 3D titles.

Toy Story 3-3D Blu-Ray - 04

Audio Quality

I am extremely impressed with the sound of this movie; it often outshines all the other aspects. It’s no surprise coming from Skywalker Studios, which has a hand in every major film these days. They have a long working relationship with Pixar and they never cease to amaze me. The 3D Blu-Ray features DTS 5.1 HD Dolby surround sound, also English for the hearing impaired, designed not just to boost the level but to optimize specific frequencies for those who are hard of hearing. The music is that classic Randy Newman sound you expect from a Toy Story movie, heart warming and playful, but with far more tense nail-biting scenes that brings a new dynamic to the franchise.

Toy Story 3-3D Blu-Ray - 05


You really get a jam-packed 2-disk combo with enough bonus features and behind-the-scenes to satisfy any fan long after the credits have rolled. The only setback is that none of it is in 3D, except for the trailers that play before the film, but it would’ve been great to see the animated extras and the animated short in 3D as well. Something new is the Buzz Lightyear Mission Logs: International Space Station; they have joined with NASA to present science and space in a fun way to kids.

  • ‘Day & Night’ Theatrical Short. 6 min
  • Buzz Lightyear Mission Logs: The Science of Adventure. 5 min
  • Toys! 7 min
  • Studio Stories: Where’s Gordon?. 2 min
  • Studio Stories: Cereal Bar. 1 min
  • Studio Stories: Clean Start. 3 min
  • Cine-Explore Picture-in-Picture Commentary
  • Beyond the Toybox: An Alternative Commentary Track
  • Goodbye Andy. 8 min
  • Accidental Toymakers. 4 min
  • A Toy’s Eye View: Creating a Whole New Land. 5 min
  • Epilogue. 4 min
  • Film Fans
  • Roundin’ up a Western Opening. 6 min
  • Bonnie’s Playtime: A Story Roundtable. 6 min
  • Beginnings: Setting a Story in Motion. 8 min
  • Life of a Shot. 7 min
  • Making of ‘Day & Night’. 2 min
  • Paths to Pixar: Editorial. 4 min

Toy Story 3-3D Blu-Ray - 03


If you have seen the previous two films then this is a must! Truly an instant classic. The 3D Blu-Ray set offers a unique look into Pixar as well as offering you the highest quality home movie experience.

Something to look out for: Pixar always adds plenty of easter eggs in their movies, often using 3D models from previous or upcoming films, so look out! First spotted easter egg: The van that Lots-O, Big Baby and Chuckles used to hitch-hike onto is the same ‘Pizza Planet’ van that can be seen in the first movie, See if you can find any others then leave a comment.

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