Thor: The Dark World Review

Age Restriction:
Studio: Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Studios
Running Time: 112 mins

Verdict: 3.5 / 5

Chris Hemsworth makes a robust return for more intergalactic brawling in Marvel Comics’ hammer-hurling solo sequel featuring the thunder god and Norse deity, Thor. Thankfully, the post-Avengers Thor: The Dark World, a briskly amusing blend of science fiction and fantasy, comes packaged in a bigger, better and more lavish box this time around.

From the very first opening moments of nerdy glee, which lends ingredients from The Lord of the Rings, Hellboy, and Masters of the Universe, it cements the comic book hero as the new cornerstone in the impervious Marvel Studios’ current pantheon of superhero blockbusters.

Thor: The Dark World

Jane Foster: I saw you with the Avengers in New York!
Thor: I was defending the Earth!
Jane Foster: Is that your excuse?

Shackled by a desire to deliver a more promising outing this time around, new director and Game of Thrones veteran, Alan Taylor defies the odds by improving on the foundation built by Kenneth Branagh, conveying a buoyant and self-aware visual showpiece that stomps the previous Marvel line up (excluding Iron Man and Avengers). Paying attention to the cries of dedicated fans, The Dark World promises more Asgard and less Earth, subsequently qualifying it as a space-bound adventure where space ships, aliens, and glistening castles abound.

Most of what worked in the original works again in the sequel. We pick up the story shortly after 2012’s Avengers Assemble, with horned villain Loki (Tom Hiddleston) banished to a deep dungeon within Asgard’s prison. While the chiseled blonde Thor battles to reunite the Nine Realms, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) has set up post in London, studying anomalies and trying to find a way back to her knight in shining armour. It’s not long after that an ancient enemy (Malekith, an evil Dark Elf) arises to threaten the people of Earth and Asgard once again. Of course, all this leads to the return of the hammer heaving superhero, who finds himself facing off some of the galaxy’s most powerful baddies. But truth be told, they’re merely a distraction to the real fight; Thor’s battle to win Loki’s trust.

Thor: The Dark World

Loki: Look, why don’t you let me take over? I’m the best pilot in Asgard!
Thor: Yes, but out of the two of us, which can ACTUALLY fly?

While the first movie proved a bit of a bore, this time it moves at double speed. Thor: The Dark World is completely fun. Hemsworth has wholly embodied the character and Taylor provides sufficient flashes of humor (a lot of madcap one-liners from Kat Dennings) and action to keep audiences engaged and entertained. Whether this is done through a brief cameo by another superhero, a Stan Lee cameo or through the unconventional romance between Jane and Thor, it’s all handled with enough class to ensure a good time at the movies.

Thor: The Dark World is an enjoyable, emotionally engaging sequel that delivers on thrills, spectacle and laughs in equal measure. Highly recommended.

Make sure you stay until the screen is blank and the cinema lights turned on.

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Comments 43

  1. Best Super hero movie this year! Better than MOS, Wolverine and that piece of crap known as Iron Man 3

  2. Alwynne Baatjies says:

    I am looking forward to this one. I think it looks better than the 1st movie, just wish they could go with a different angle other than Thor taking on Loki. Thor could just crush him, lol! Also really looking forward to Days of future past, that looks like the one worth waiting for!!!

  3. Definitely looking forward to this movie. The plot seems bolder and this looks way better than the first movie. I usually enjoy origin stories but I wasn’t that fond the first Thor. Can’t wait to check this out.

  4. xdvd says:

    I hope its better than the first one

  5. Trebzz says:

    Really can’t wait to watch this movie and look forward to see what happens :P

  6. Oethman Khan says:

    im looking forward to it, but definitely wont be watching in 3d. just not a fan of 3d movies yet

  7. Ismail Ebrahim says:

    Really looking forward to it! Thor looks more awesome and the villains look real scary.

  8. Haven’t had a chance to go and watch this yet. Looks epic though

  9. Ben says:

    Sounds like it is going to be better than most hero movies out this year :D

  10. Really amped for this!

  11. Briar Harmer says:

    Saw this on Wednesday – LOVED IT! Especially that superfluous shirtless scene ;)

  12. Yusuf says:

    Judging from the trailers and the reviews, looks like this one has something in store for all of us comic book lovers; Abit of humour and a more enjoyable movie than Iron Man,MOS and many others

  13. Sean stilling says:

    Thor 2 was unbelievably amazing!!!! Marvel are really hitting the movie scene with avengance. The effects makes you truly believe that Asgard is real and all the characters are so well casted. It really does manage to take you to a different dimension albeit for 2odd hours. Once you have witnessed the creation that is absolutely magical, you leave the cinema looking up to the stars and you can’t help but to wonder…is it real? But I always keep in mind that with all the possibilities out there, you just have to believe that is is true and that there are amazing places and beings protecting the universe.

  14. Mark says:

    I feel this was one of those movies that carried on to impress from the first, watched the previews and read the articles and cant wait to see it for myself.

  15. Done. Also, I liked the Scope which Alan Taylor brought into the fold, The sweeping panoramic shots, the attention to the “feel” of each realm really made the film feel like an Epic Fantasy. The Design of the movie was outstanding. So much attention to detail. also, DAT MID CREDITS SCENE. zOMG. Nerd Boner!

  16. Deepak says:

    Loads of fun. I really want to see next one and know what Loki did on Asgard. Tom Hiddlestone steals steals Chris Hemsworth thunder again

  17. Rian says:

    Watching Thor the dark world the weekend.So much excite.

  18. Please can we mention how fantastic Christopher Eccleston is? Such a brilliant villain! Loved the movie – I thought it had something for everyone.

  19. Terry-Lee Cloete says:

    real fan of marvel and this movie does not disappoint

  20. Willem Agenbag says:

    This Looks amazing!!Can not wait to go see!!

  21. autopsychicn says:

    I honestly loved every second of it and seeing it in 3d is amazing truly amazing. I literally no jokes reached out and touched Thors 6 pack hahaha :) I honestly love Marvel and am the biggest female fan you will find in this entire worldddddddddddd

  22. Hey great giveaway, it may not be the finest film to come from the Marvel Universe, but it was still very funny and the action was everything that I expected.. Although it focused heavily on Loki, even Thor fans will love this one.. Weak plot and story line but this is made up with awesome action scenes, my favorite being when the dark elves invade Asgard…

  23. Richard Scott says:

    Dark World was way better than the first film.

  24. Charl says:

    Looking forward to it. From what I’ve heard it’s better than the first one, which is a plus. Would only be able to say after I’ve watched it.

  25. Nadine says:

    I wasn’t a fan of the first film but after seeing The Avengers, I have high hopes for the second.

  26. Raynor says:

    I watched this last night. It’s a million times better than the first Thor! I actually enjoyed it quite a bit even though I kept giggling at the word Asgardian.

  27. Treveshan Pather (@TrevPather) says:

    Wow! What a great prize! I love the Marvel Movies, and can’t wait for Ant-Man and Avengers 2!

  28. Chris says:

    Excellent Movie. Lots better than the first!

  29. dina dos santos says:

    feeling lucky shared, loved <3

  30. Looking forward to seeing it this weekend :) I am a big marvel collector / fan… always will be no matter how old I get :P

  31. Ricardo Harvey says:

    It was ok, entertaining, not a must have for the collection but it surely did disappoint, here’s looking at you ironman 3. I would give it a 6.5
    3D was nothing great, infact i dont even remember seeing any amazing 3d scenes at all, i challenge you to watch this without glasses…might not even notice a difference.
    I like that most wasnt on earth. And I realised that a hammerless Thor is a useless Thor :)

  32. Was entertaining indeed. Better than the first one that’s for sure. They improved and i cant say watching it will disappoint anyone

  33. Andrew Cramer says:

    I have yet to see it but it sounds like its going to be worth the wait!

  34. Desmore Seale says:

    The problem is that the Avengers raised the bar and everySuper hero movie after that is left trying to compete with one of the best superhero movies ever. On its own, I enjoyed Thor 2, the 3D was average but overall it was a good movie. I’m interested to see where the storyline goes for the next one. I’d give it a 7/10 :)

  35. Watched the rest, and hoping that the next one is the best! Looking forward to it! :)

  36. Kevin says:

    Probably the most interesting of the Marvel cinematic universe to date! Enjoyed it!

  37. Nic Manshon says:

    THORoughly njoyd #ThorDarkWorld

  38. i once had a dream about having powers and being a super hero, watching these films brought out the child in me. i feel more like a man with these wonderful characters in my life and imagination.

  39. luthomabandla says:


  40. iam so excited! my father will be so proud of me if i win! :)

  41. Meagan Pontack says:

    I loved the movie…shirtless Thor is always good on the eyes lol but honestly It was awesome visually but it was also funny. I really connected with the personalities of the characters. I love that Loki and Thor had to both team up to save Jane and Asgard!! Cool Story line….

  42. mickeyT says:

    Alan Taylor directs GoT episodes! No surprise then that Thor 2 rocks big time!
    The balance between family politics and humour is near perfect ( Chris ‘O Dowd is predictably deadpan funny in a small role) and Kat Dennings nearly steals the show with her antics.
    References to existing modern classics like LOTR and Star Wars 1: Phantom Menace are obvious but gives us enough variation to get away with it. The climactic battle is so unusual yet effective, and well worth a second watch, even if just to wrap your head around the dimension jumping. Portman has got a nice meaty role (as opposed to the swooning damsel in distress we saw in the first installment – she still swoons here, but with more gravitas). And the Loki character is so multi faceted to keep us guessing right to the end. Great effects, nice easter eggs, and mid and post credit scenes that makes us salivate for more! Bring on more Marvel!

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