The Son of Bigfoot Review – The Blurry Beast Gets A Kid-Friendly Tale

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Running Time: 131

Verdict: 3 / 5

Let’s get this straight, The Son of Bigfoot is a kids movie. While many animated movies have bridged the gap between adult and kid entertainment, allowing both young and old to enjoy together, The Son of Bigfoot doesn’t fit the same bill.

Son of Bigfoot Review – An Interesting Take on the Blurry Beast

The Son of Bigfoot is a 3D-animated film directed and produced by Ben Stassen, the person behind The Wild Life, Thunder and the House of Magic, A Turtle’s Tale 2: Sammy’s Escape from Paradise, A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventures, and Fly Me to the Moon 3D.

The film starts with a scientist trying to escape from a group of individuals, later confirmed to be from the evil cooperation, HairCo. He is being hunted like an animal in the wild, no doubt foreshadowing of the events to unfold. I say foreshadowing, but anyone older than 12 should be able to see through any possible twists that may unfold.

Son of Bigfoot Review – An Interesting Take on the Blurry Beast

Adam, who is raised by his single mother, is having difficulty of late, not just from the bullies that have been harassing him at school but also with a few strange quirks with his body. These quirks aren’t your typical teenage transformations, but tell-tale signs of his Bigfoot gene inheritance. HairCo., still in the process of trying to perfect their hair growth formula after the escape of their leading scientist into the woods, have met with a series of bad results as they try to regrow human hair, hoping to make millions by replacing the toupee. Meanwhile, Adam has stumbled across hidden letters which show an ongoing exchange between his mother and father over the years. This immediately prompts Adam to seek out his dad.

There are two underlying stories here. The first is Adam’s transition into becoming a bigfoot himself and the second is the portrayal of vane men seeking a cure for their baldness.

Son of Bigfoot Review – An Interesting Take on the Blurry Beast

Stassen, who has previously explored the depths of the oceans and the vastness of space, has now taken his exploration through the lush, dense woods, providing ample opportunity to create various 3D elements that slap you in the face. Of course, the kids enjoy this. There are sufficient laughs to keep adults semi-entertained throughout the film, without having to zone out while your kids enjoy the film. Moreover, kids will definitely find a lot more laughs and a higher entertainment factor than any adult would.

The Son of Bigfoot covers quite a lot in 90 minutes. There are topics and morals on fitting in, bullying, family struggle, friendship and, most importantly, accepting who you are. The film does a good job at presenting all these aspects throughout a well-timed narrative, making it a really good family movie for kids to enjoy.

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