The Reckoning Review

Genre: ,
Age Restriction:
Studio: Reckoning Productions, Filmscope Entertainment
Running Time: 86mins

Verdict: 1.5 / 5

Luke Hemsworth must have some funny emotions sometimes. The oldest one of the three brothers, including Chris and Liam, he was the first to enter acting and yet has been the one with the least amount of international success. Sadly however, I don’t think this film is where he’s about to take off; being that it is ultimately a forgettable whodunit with only a couple ideas of its own, which mostly come from trying to smash certain genre’s together, unsuccessfully.

The Reckoning 2014 001

Robbie Green (LaPaglia) is Generic Movie Detective #8769, and he is currently investigating the murder of his partner Jason Pearson (Hemsworth; gosh he didn’t last long). He is lead to believe that two psychotic girls, Rachel and AJ have footage of Pearson’s murder on their camcorder, and here’s where the genre blending occurs, because every now and again a brief moment of found-footage like scenes occur. Sadly, the employment of a film device that was overplayed by 2009 is shockingly not enough to save this movie, and for the rest of the time it’s a very by the motions affair.

The acting is nothing to particularly write home about, aside from the psycho girls, who are always kind of fun to watch. Robbie Green and his new partner are the worst detectives ever, making the mystery less than exciting, and other than that, the film doesn’t really offer anything that another movie has not done better in a hundred different ways.

The Reckoning is another film from the ever expanding Australian film industry, but compare it to a release of this time as well, The Rover, and you will see how empty and lifeless this film is by comparison. On an international level, you have to step up your game, and The Reckoning has failed to do so. Better luck next time Luke.

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