The Other Woman Review

Age Restriction:
Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, LBI Productions
Running Time: 109 mins

Verdict: 3 / 5

If you are looking to watch a “happy-go-lucky” film with lots of laughs, then this movie is perfect for you. The Other Woman is an enticing sisterhood comedy that was a surprise hit in cinemas because of its appealing premise. The combination of a good plot and an outstanding cast made way for many laughs.

The trailer at first glance may come across as “cheesy” but the film is definitely not. Carly (Cameron Diaz), is a big-shot attorney in Manhattan that believes she has finally found Mr. Right; Mark King (Coster-Waldau). When Carly decides to give Mark a “surprise” visit, dressed-up in a slutty plumber outfit and high heels, she is surprised by Kate (Leslie Mann), Mark’s wife. Carly falls over, breaks a garden ornament and her heels before fleeing the scene in embarrassment. The bizarre thing about the plot is that Kate befriends Carly, her husband’s mistress. She believes that Carly is the only one that she can confide in. This sparks a crazy friendship, brought together by a broken hearted emotional housewife and a sleek polished attorney. The silly clichés in the film actually work because each protagonist portrays their character so well.

The two woman turn to tequila to drown their sorrows, this sparks the idea to spy on the two-timing Mark. The physical comedy and pratfalls get even better when they find out that there is another woman involved with Mark in the Hamptons.

Coster-Waldau, The Game of Thrones superstar finds himself playing the role of Prince Charming again. He gives a convincing performance as a charming, romantic, handsome, kind, intelligent – and sneaky playboy!

The films cinematic style meshes well with the plot. The music steers the emotional ambiance of the film. In the end, The Other Woman proves that friendship can overcome the harsh realities of a cheating partner. I would recommend this film for any girls night out.

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