The Last Days on Mars Review

Genre: ,
Age Restriction:
Studio: British Film Institute (BFI), Irish Film Board, Qwerty Films
Running Time: 98mins

Verdict: 1 / 5

The Last Days on Mars is a film I find quite strange to review. It’s a horror movie set in space, but a decent looking one at that.

The Last Days on Mars review

I’ll start off by saying the plot is a troupe of the horror genre, namely zombies and alien bacteria. The first manned mission to Mars finds life in the form of said bacteria, but of course, a crew member screws up and suddenly we have ZOMBIES IN SPAAAAAAACE! It seems like the movie would have done well as a 50s or 60s low-budget sci-fi horror – I could even imagine a poster similar to Plan 9 From Outer Space – but falls flat by today’s standards.

The movie not only failed to capture me with its plot (ZOMBIES IN SPAAAAAACE!), but also it cast who are mostly forgettable and even throwaway. We’re at least given two sort-of know actors, Liev Schreiber (Scream) and Olivia Williams (Dollhouse), but they’re as average as their co-stars. I loved Olivia as DeWitt in Dollhouse, but she often appears lost in this movie.


Where the movie really shines is in its special effects. This is what I find so peculiar. It’s as if all of the scenery, atmosphere, and effects were established first, and the plot was filled in later. There are gorgeous CGI shots of Mars, the spacecraft used, and space, but the zombies and gore are all haphazard. Okay, so the zombies are decent enough, but still cheesy in a bad way.

There’s always a problem when I feel the need to skip through a movie while wishing it was over.

There’s no really much more I can say about The Last Days on Mars. It’s worth a late night watch if there’s nothing else on, but don’t bother renting it.

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