The Jungle Review

Genre: ,
Age Restriction:
Studio: Mysterious Light
Running Time: N/A

Verdict: 1 / 5

The Blair Witch Project sparked a sub-genre of found-footage horror movies. Some of these entries are decent, but most fall flatter than their budgets. The Jungle falls (see what I did there) into the latter category. I’ll save you from reading the rest of this review: please don’t watch this. Just please don’t. Yes, now I know some of you will out of curiosity, but remember there isn’t even a Wikipedia entry for this title.

The Jungle’s protagonist, Larry, is making a documentary in Indonesia to prove there is a viable breeding population of leopards. His brother, Ben, acts as the film’s camera man. They meet up with two other trackers who take them through the jungle in search of leopards. According to the natives there is something wrong with the jungle. Something sinister.

Okay, so I don’t consider Larry to even be the main protagonist, or even an antagonist. He’s just a plain ass hole. You’ll very quickly realise how self-centred and self-entitled the character is and want to throw him off of the bridge. In fact I’d happily have given the producers more money to do just that. His appearance in the film is basically just to be rude to other characters and put everyone in danger. The only redeeming individual is Adi who not only has the most common sense, but isn’t acting like a complete idiot every few minutes of the film. Okay, he pouts at times, but that is still miles ahead of the others.

The special effects are decent enough. Well, it’s mostly trees and the characters running around screaming every few minutes. Oh and some obligatory night-vision shots. You have to have those in a found-footage movie.

If you’re the last human left on Earth after the zombie, Martian and nuclear apocalypse, and The Jungle is the last surviving film: just use it as a coaster for your hollowed-out-skull mug. It will prove to be a lot more enjoyable.

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