Tactical Force

Despite the overwhelmingly huge fan-base that professional wrestling has, many of the performers within that field seem desperately in need of more positive, critical acclaim and validation. And so, they turn their talents to acting. If Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson can do it, why can’t they? In this instance, it is “Stone Cold” Steve Austin delivering his attempt to the world.

Tactical Force movie review

The idea of wrestlers becoming actors may seem laughable, but when you consider all the necessary performance skills necessary in a live wrestling match, complete with the physical needs, it seems more and more reasonable to assume that one of them could handle an action movie. A problem however, is that a movie needs competent writing, an intriguing concept, and the acting skills of the entire cast to separate what is a quality work from what is merely humorous to mock. The results with Tactical Force, an action movie featuring a SWAT team facing off against two groups of rival gangsters, is rather hit and miss overall.

Austin stars as Captain Tate with White playing his subordinate, Hunt. These names are not especially important, and anything male and vaguely masculine can be substituted in. What is important is that each character conforms to a suitable stereotype: the brave alpha male, the sassy black wise-cracker, the chick, the weasel, and the xenophobically depicted Italian and Russian mobsters. Tate and his crew are conducting a training exercise with no live ammunition, when they become locked in the hanger with the two groups of gangsters, each competing for an unspecified briefcase. The team must use their ingenuity to outwit and take down the Bad Guys (capital letters obligatory).

Adamo Paulo Cultraro tactical force

This of course sounds good on paper, a good way to show intriguing methods used. More often than not, the film relies on laziness or the viewer’s own lack of memory about previous events. The Bad Guys show aiming skills on par with the finest Stormtroopers in the Imperial Army of Star Wars, and on one occasion, the team magically find a grenade launcher, from a place where a grenade launcher could not possibly be.

Lazy seems to be the best word to describe this movie; where scenes that held potential are let down by no-one especially thinking about them or caring. In fact, the DVD has a vaguely interesting feature about the making of the film that in many ways is more interesting than the film itself. If you feel like action at its most generic, make sure to check out this film.

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Daniel Rom

Daniel Rom

Daniel is a university student at Stellenbosch University, specializing in Ancient Cultures and English Literature. In his spare time he enjoys the holy quadrilogy of nerdly pleasures, Books, Movies, Gadgets, and of course, many many Videogames; that have absorbed far more of his time than is truly healthy. Hopefully this will grant wondrous superpowers later in life.

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