Rise of the Guardians

Age Restriction:
Studio: DreamWorks Animation
Running Time: 97 minutes

Verdict: 3 / 5

Jack Frost, the infamous figure that nips at your nose when it’s cold, is the central figure of Dreamworks‘ Rise of the Guardians. Jack wakes up in lake not knowing who he is or where he came from; all he knows is that his name is Jack Frost. He is a mischievous character that gets into all sorts of trouble, the only problem being that no one can see him, which can be quite lonely. When an ominous character appears, the guardians are all assembled to fight against it and Jack is chosen as the newest guardian. Jack is a reluctant guardian, but receives added incentive when he might be able to get his memories back.

Rise of the Guardians - Characters

Just as in the movie, Jack Frost isn’t a relevant figure, which I think is quite brilliant on the part of Dreamworks. They were able to give him a believable character when the rest of the cast were quite wishy-washy. Santa was scary with his biker tattoos, the Tooth Fairy looks like a weird butterfly and has a freaky obsession with teeth, The Easter bunny is a wise-cracking, boomerang wielding grump, and The Sandman makes up for all their quirks because he’s the only character that was remotely close to the original.

Rise of the Guardians - Naughty or Nice

The storyline is not terribly original, but you won’t be rolling your eyes. There are many clever quips in this movie and not too many pop culture references so you won’t feel too left out on the jokes if you’re not up date. The movie does wane in the middle as most animated movies do, and I did find myself drifting and looking at my phone. Despite this, the 3D completely makes up for the holes in the story. Where others use it as a gimmick, the 3D in Rise of the Guardians actually enhances it, with striking effects such as falling snowflakes and Sandman’s sand tricks.

Rise of the Guardians - Jack Frost Dreamworks
Jack Frost replaces Fishing Boy in opening credits

This is a great movie for kids and is tolerable for adults. It’s a good afternoon out during the upcoming holidays. If you don’t get around to seeing it, there’s always DVD, but I’d make sure to see it in 3D because it’s well worth seeing.

[yframe URL=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPLiBxhoug0′]

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