Rio 2: Review

Age Restriction:
Studio: Blue Sky Studios
Running Time: 101 minutes

Verdict: 3.5 / 5

When we were taken on a journey to Rio back in 2011 to witness the coupling of what was believed to be the last two blue macaws in the world in hopes of keeping the species alive, I would’ve been the first to tell you that a sequel to that movie would probably be a mistake. 3 years later, Rio 2 is released and I‘m so glad the directors and producers of the animation decided to have another go because I have never been so entertained.

Rio 2 - 01

Since getting “married” and now trying to be responsible parents, Blu and Jewel are heading into a brand new year as a diverse family of 5. In hopes of introducing their 3 children to bird living (as opposed to human living), Jewel takes up the opportunity to return to her roots. Staying true to its adventurous roots Blu and his family head out to the Amazon Jungle to help Linda and Tulio (Blu’s human companions) find and save the home of the possible existence of more blue macaws. Of course some of Blu’s friends decide to tag along and so the adventure ensues.

Rio 2 - 02

This movie was absolutely spectacular! Having been disappointed by the first instalment, I wasn’t expecting much from Rio 2 but was completely blown away. From the happy go lucky celebratory singing to the incredibly colourful 3D animation, Rio 2 was a huge winner in books. With twists and turns and a host of comedic dialog, I was glued to the screen as the story very creatively unfolded. Being cooped up in a cinema filled with kids is not my idea of fun (you never really get to enjoy the movie because someone is always crying) but the buzz and excitement that was constantly in the atmosphere was enough to convince me that the film had hit the nail on the head in terms of catering for its target audience.

It’s an unbelievably beautiful yet fun film to watch and with an undercover message of environmental conservation, it’s educational too; and well worth the watch! Do yourself a favour and go and see it!

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