Re-Kill Review

Genre: , ,
Age Restriction:
Studio: After Dark Films, Midsummer Films, Signature Pictures
Running Time: 88 min

Verdict: 3 / 5

Re-Kill could have been just another zombie found-footage film, but in many ways its clever twist elevates it into something noticeable and also provides a subtle satiric hinge for the reality TV generation.


Re-Kill is set in a world that 5 years ago experienced a zombie apocalypse that killed 85% of the population. Although, of course, the zombies are actually called “Re-Ans,” short for “Re-Animates.” The zombies are contained within certain zones and are monitored and hunted by R-Division Units. The film follows such a team, a two-man unit, plus their cameraman, and plays out almost like an episode of Cops, where the police officers are followed on their day to day routine catching criminals. Of course, with more brain eating involved.

The main character is Trent, played by Scott Adkins, otherwise known as “hey you, bit player from Expendables 2.” A good performance also comes from Bruce Payne, who typically plays villains in straight-to-DVD fantasy movies, and it’s enjoyable to see him be a hero for once.


Keeping with the film’s concept as being a television show within this world, the movie also has fictional adverts pop up every now and again. It’s great to see a film keep to its concept in such an ingenious way, and I admire them for following through on an idea in dynamic ways.

Re-Kill isn’t the best movie of all time, and falls prey to as many clichés as it subverts, but at the end of the day, it’s a cut above most of the generic zombie dreck that is pumped out at a record pace these days. Worth a watch.

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