Plush Review

Age Restriction:
Studio: Blumhouse Productions, IM Global Octane, Reliance
Running Time: 99 mins

Verdict: 1 / 5

Research tells me that Plush had a budget of $2 million dollars, and a reported gross of $3080 dollars. My Outcomes Based Education mathematics abilities (I used a calculator) goes on to tell me that this is about 650 times less than they needed to make back their money. And while they probably made a bit more from DVD sales, and while money should never be used as the final indicator of how good something is, I think $3080 is quite generous. Maybe now Director Hardwicke can be reminded that she used to be good, and that this film is most assuredly not.

plush review

The plot features Hayley (Browning) a rock musician who has recently hit some difficulties. Her beloved brother OD’s, and her subsequent album is a flop. Against all these problems, her new guitarist, Enzo (Samuel) begins to display some tendencies towards her that are bordering on disturbing.

Plush tries to capture teenage angst in a most boring way, using rock bands as a vehicle for all the cries of “you just don’t understand me!” that have ever been screamed by a brooding gothy teenager to their well-meaning parents. This on its own would make for a boring movie, but it in and of itself is not even carried through to its conclusion, because the plot shifts to the even more boring stalker/thriller feeling carried by Enzo, who is, I’m sorry to say, a very uninteresting and unthreatening antagonist.

The bigger problem with this is that the director has captured the feeling of teenage ennui and dissatisfaction with conventional society in a much better way in one of her earlier movies, Lords of Dogtown. She was also the director of Twilight, which did the teen-gothy thing too, and was probably the best of the Twilight-franchise movies. Plush just comes across as a disappointment in view of that capacity.

There’s really no reason to watch this movie, and that’s the best that can be said of it.

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