Planes 3D Review

Age Restriction:
Studio: DisneyToon Studios, Prana Animation Studios
Running Time: 91 mins

Verdict: 2 / 5

Planes 3D, the latest offering from Disney, takes place in the universe of Disney’s Cars franchise. The big question is whether it should have taken flight to the big screen or headed straight to DVD and Blu-ray as originally planned.

planes 3D review

Planes looks and feels like a recycled Cars film, except this time the cars have wings. The story revolves around a world race between planes, where each plane involved represents a different nation (the overt stereotypes make sure you grasp that). Sadly, there is no South African representative. Disney could have entertained us all by adding a South African plane named Mitchells… (Cape Town residents will get my idea).

Planes does not have a pinch of originality. The main character feels as though he watched Turbo and wants to copy the snail’s performance. Dusty Crophooper has the desire to go faster and wants to be more than the farm plane he is expected to be, but you cannot help but feel that his first world problems have been played out already. He is not a memorable protagonist and, even though he is voiced by Dane Cook, Dusty is not that funny. The viewer cannot help but feel that Disney and Pixar failed on this one. It was dubbed as being a big release especially for kids, but its target audience will not be absorbed in the film. A good animation is able to entertain the older viewer too, like Monsters University recently did. During the screening kids where rather fidgety. If all of the bright colours in this movie could not capture a child’s attention, then you cannot help but think that something is wrong.

disney planes

The problem with this movie is twofold. It lacks originality and, most importantly, it lacks heart. You do not feel the characters emotions and you expect all the clichés. Unfortunately, what you are expecting is what you receive and nothing more. The only surprising thing was the raunchy nature of Plane romance. It is disturbing by a mile high!

Planes seems unable to grasp emotion and this leaves the story feeling heartless and bland, as though it were forced into the Disney big screen release list in order to make up for Lone Ranger tanking at the Box Office. Save your money and get this on DVD!

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