Pirates! A Band of Misfits 3D

Age Restriction:
Running Time: 88 mInutes

Verdict: 3.5 / 5

If you missed Pirates! A Band of Misfits in 3D then don’t be alarmed. Though the movie itself was a great deal of fun I can’t really say that anything about the 3D experience made it worth spending the extra coin. Still if you judge the movie solely on its ability to entertain then it is well worth a watch.

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Plot: Pirate Captain undertakes the mighty quest of proving himself to be Pirate of the Year. With his ragtag crew and adorable dodo in tow they go in seek of riches and adventure only to run into several obstacles that threaten life and challenge character.

Aardman brings us an inspired animation which is best described as a happy marriage between the CGI of Pixar and the stop motion of Wallace & Grommit. Hugh Grant’s interpretation gives a lot of laughs as the voice of Pirate Captain, probably the biggest failure as a pirate captain since the beginning of time. Having received an invitation to compete for the title of Pirate of the Year he heads to Blood Island with his equally less than competent crew of pirates and his ‘parrot’ (a dodo) Polly. Upon arrival and after some intense humiliation Pirate Captain realizes that he has no hopes of winning the title against rivals such as Black Bellamy and Cutlass Liz and so he embarks on a mission to prove himself. After a series of disastrous raids he runs into Charles Darwin (whom is depicted as a rather villainous fellow in this movie). He identifies Polly as the last living dodo. Despite the motley crew’s misgivings at heading straight into the mouth of the beast (i.e. Queen Victoria the biggest hater and destroyer of pirates in the world) they decide to risk it in order to get Polly to the London Science Fair as Darwin has assured them of ‘untold riches’. What follows is a series of further bad judgment calls which ultimately leads to the kidnapping of Polly, the alienation of his crew and the loss of his title. Having lost the heart of his crew and the respect of his peers Pirate Captain decides to try and save Polly from certain death at the hands of a Queen Victoria whose fondness for rare animals turns out to be that of a culinary nature.

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The Pirates!! (which sports an entirely English cast) is rich with amusing and heart-warming characters, development and interesting relationships. With a fun plot and not entirely unpredictable twists it is still a movie that’ll entertain throughout. Furthermore I can guarantee that you will have several good giggles along the way.

As far as the 3D experience is concerned I was a little disappointed, the best part about it was the trailer for the latest addition to the Madagascar movies. However if animated movies is a passion of yours then you should definitely keep an eye open for it as they combined some interesting styles of animation and managed to keep the audience captivated. Despite being visibly targeting a younger audience they do manage to add some adult friendly humor.

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Be warned once you’ve watched this movie you may experience a strange impulse to add the words ‘u see’ to the end of several of your sentences. Despite varying opinions I thought the 3D was a bit disappointing but the imaginative CGI was a thrill for the eyes and I would definitely recommend this movie to audiences young and old.

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