The Perfect Roommate

Age Restriction:
Studio: Imagination Worldwide
Running Time: 90 mins

Verdict: 1.5 / 5

The cliché of a title is a dead giveaway that the new roommate will be a little less than, well… perfect. However, the story does not have much to do with the two leads, Carrie (Boti Bliss) and Ashley (Ashley Dunnfield), living together and it is just one of many weak plot points that attempt to enable the story.

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The film leaps right into action with a “dramatic” opening and this creates a tiny bit of interest. Its “twist” comes shortly thereafter, as Carrie is unveiled as the villain of the piece. The rest of the film, however, is not strong enough to carry the subverted plot. It is further weakened by the fact that Carrie’s motives – of seducing Ashley’s father in order to get to his money – are not that original. What is truly cringeworthy is how the character and story backgrounds are not organically woven into the story, but rather blatantly and blandly explained by the characters.

From the beginning, as we are introduced to the characters, you get the feeling that they have been friends for years only to discover that they barely know each other. Despite this, Carrie and Ashley happily move in together and seem to become firm friends, just for Ashley and her boyfriend to turn into a pseudo-team of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys as they inexplicably become suspicious of Carrie. Their flimsy reservations aren’t built on much and become an excuse for a bit of amateur detective work. It is a thin story that is stretched out with pointless scenes full of irrelevant characters and it all feels like a bit of chewed-up gum that has long-lost its flavour. The romance between Carrie and Ashley’s father is also rather lame and unbelievable.

Nevertheless, it has a slightly 90s TV crime-drama feel to it and there is a certain guilty pleasure that comes with watching this silly thriller, even if it is completely devoid of thrills.

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