Maleficent Review

Age Restriction:
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
Running Time: 97 mins

Verdict: 3 / 5

When Angelina Jolie is cast as one of the characters in a movie, you automatically know it’s going to be spectacular. I’m not a fan of the Hollywood actress but even I cannot deny the fact that she just never disappoints.

Acting as the villain who is actually a hero in Disney’s Maleficent (a movie title I could barely pronounce); Jolie is the epitome of the wrath of a woman scorned. Telling the tale of Sleeping Beauty from a different perspective, Maleficent is the untold story of the iconic villain from the popular childhood fairytale who, driven by revenge and rage after being betrayed, cursed Sleeping Beauty in order to protect the moors over which she presides.

The film was magnificently magical and engaging. Despite its incredibly predictable storyline, I was pleasantly surprised by how I could not keep my eyes off the screen from beginning to end. The 3D animation was spectacular (I thought I would be eaten by some of those tree monsters at times), the camera shots, movements and angles were spot on and the scenery was just absolutely breathtaking. And other than the random Scottish accent of the humans in comparison to the fairies, I could not fault this film – I was blown away.

Maleficent is a kiddie movie for adults where you can’t help but support the villain. Just to be clear, it’s probably not something you would want to take your kids to, unless you’re keen on scarring them for life (it’s a little too scary for them), but it is definitely worth the watch.

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