What Love Is

Age Restriction:
Studio: Big Sky Motion Pictures
Running Time: 93 Mins

Verdict: .5 / 5

From the beginning this movie disappoints with a misleading title. You won’t find a mature rumination on the nature of love but rather a relentless diatribe against men and women and the games they play. There is no subtlety here as characters yell their opinions at each other and the viewer are portrayed in immature, cliché and simplistic ways. Amongst all the speeches there is not one shred of genuine interest or compelling thought. Even worse, the dire way the film has been shot and edited makes a viewing a truly excruciating experience. Settle down and prepare to be screamed at for the next hour and twenty minutes.

WhatLoveI cuba gooding

Everyman and generally nice guy Tommy returns home from a bar on Valentine’s Day to find that his girlfriend has left him a Dear John letter and cleared out; taking time to remove herself from every photo in the house. Tommy is shattered, but he is soon joined by his best mates who show up to console him. The friends have all come out of a stereotype cookie cutter and comprise of a womanizer, a harried married man, a sensitive guy and lastly a gay friend (because being gay is of course a personality type).

On the minimal set all of the men are given a soapbox on which to make angry yelling speeches about their ideas about women and relationships. Most of it is quite offensive and simplistic, especially the verbal garbage that spews forth from the mouth of Lillard’s womanizer character Sal; whose behaviour is supposed to be excused due to him really being just a scared little boy afraid of getting his heart broken.

What Love Is movie review

Halfway through the movie a group of woman show up to Tommy’s house and we get an equally simplistic and crude viewpoint from the female perspective. Their entrance becomes an extended stripper fantasy sequence that is in the movie probably because director and actor Mars Callahan just wanted and excuse to film half naked ladies.
The movie first inspires anger at how bad it is but by the mid-point the unnecessarily rapid-fire dialogue and shouting has become exhausting. Cuba Gooding Jr provides the movies few moments of heartfelt character but don’t get your hopes up because he is immediately undercut by whatever happens next. At no point are we ever given the viewpoint from Sara, Tommy’s lost love, and it is assumed that she could have no valid reason for leaving such an awesome guy.

What Love Is

Throughout the film relationships are mostly reduced to what you can selfishly get out of your partner and sex. If you truly hate someone and want to see them self-destruct then give them What Love Is if they ask you for relationship advice.

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