Kidnapping Mr. Heineken – Movie Review

Genre: , ,
Age Restriction:
Studio: Informant Europe SPRL, European Film Company, Umedia
Running Time: 1h 35min

Verdict: 2 / 5

Yes, Kidnapping Mr. Heineken has to do with beer. We get a chance to witness the kidnapping of beer baron Freddy Heineken in Amsterdam. It led to the highest paid ransom for an individual ever.

Kidnapping Mr. Heineken review

The title pretty much sums the movie up. The story is told from the kidnappers point-of-view. The viewer gets to see the motivation for their actions. They are being affected by a recession, a failed business loan, one of the men is expecting a baby and another has a family member that was fired by Heineken – rather fickle and uninspiring motivations for the most part.

As one can expect based on these motivations, there is no character development and the weak writing does not make you feel for the group of bandits. For an action crime drama, the group of kidnappers are more comedic than anything else. They are a bunch of half-wits that nobody can really relate to.

Kidnapping Mr. Heineken review

This is rather disappointing considering the fact that Kidnapping Mr. Heineken has a decent cast that consists of A-listers such as Ryan Kwanten, Sam Worthington and Sir Anthony Hopkins. But even these actors cannot save this script. Hopkins does the best with the little bit of screen time that he is given. He manipulates his kidnappers into treating him like their boss and this makes for good dialogue. However, nothing is really memorable or truly entertaining.

With an Oscar winner trying to drag this film along, you can feel that Kidnapping Mr. Heineken is a film that is struggling from scene to scene with no real plot or character development. What seemed like a promising film turns out to be rather dull and played out.

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