Hours Review

Genre: ,
Age Restriction:
Studio: Safran Company, The, PalmStar Entertainment, Hours Capital
Running Time: 97 mins

Verdict: 3.5 / 5

The death of Paul Walker in a tragic car accident was a sad pill to swallow after watching Hours.

Hours Film

This gripping film pulled at my hearts strings as Paul Walker took on the role of Nolan Hayes. He gave an extraordinary performance and this time without all the thrills and frills of speeding cars and outrageous action sequences from his signature movie, ‘The Fast and the Furious’.

Nolan Hayes rushed his pregnant wife Abigail (Genesis Rodriguez) to the New Orleans hospital on the 29th of August 2005, the day that Hurricane Katrina made landfall and poured its wrath over the area. Abigail goes into premature labour and things quickly spiral downwards when she dies on the operating table leaving Nolan with their new born baby girl leaving him feeling numb and confused. The baby has to be kept in a ventilator for 48 hours to support her breathing. To make things worse the hospital is evacuated and all the power goes out. This leaves Nolan and the premature infant abandoned in the hospital with nothing but an old manual generator that Nolan has to crank every few minutes in order for his daughter to survive in the ventilator. During this time Nolan faces the most agonizing 48 hours of his life.

Hours Paul Walker

Paul Walkers performance is convincing as he battles though the death of his wife, hunger, exhaustion, confusion and occasionally fighting off desperate gunmen that are scavenging for medical supplies and food to get by in the chaos of Mother Nature.

Screenwriter and director, Eric Heisserer created a unique plot by bringing together a popular topic, Hurricane Katrina and a tension-retching scenario where every minute counts because the clock is ticking. This combination makes up the formulae for other movies like “Speed” and “Unstoppable’ where time is certainly no luxury. The film’s obvious lack of budget is noticeable in that the set is based in one location and Paul Walker carries the weight of the entire film on his shoulders. Without a doubt he managed to pull off the-one-man-show of Nolan Hayes, who found fascinating ways to pass time by while trying to keep his daughter alive.

Overall, the film is worth the watch as Paul Walker left us with a noteworthy and memorable performance that indeed made the film enthralling from beginning to end.

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