A Haunted House 2 Review – It Boggles The Imagination

Genre: ,
Age Restriction:
Studio: IM Global Octane, Wayans Bros. Entertainment, Baby Way Productions
Running Time: 87 minutes

Verdict: 0.5 / 5

A Haunted House 2 makes me sad. The first movie made me sad as well, but the fact that they made another makes me even sadder. A movie with this many talented comedic actors in it should not be this bad. It boggles the imagination. And it’s also the fault of movies like this that mean comedy is not regarded as a challenging genre. For shame, A Haunted House 2.

A Haunted House 2-01

Malcolm (Wayans) once again finds himself caught up in supernatural events, this time with a new family, with girlfriend Megan (Pressley) and her children joining the events. The main subjects for parody this time are Insidious and Sinister, and the closest the movie ever gets to actually being funny are the parodies of the home movies from Sinister. At that moment, you realize that that laughter was probably an accident, because soon afterwards, its back to fart jokes and homophobia. Marlon Wayans is an extremely talented comedian, although I’ve been struggling to find reasons to defend them by this stage. Someone with his decades of experience could have made a far better comedy out of the material he was given. All he had to do was actually focus the material on making fun of horror movies in a clever way and he would be sorted. But no, that doesn’t pander to the lowest common denominator enough.

A Haunted House 2 review

It hardly feels like a movie, more like a few loose storyboard ideas thrown together and filmed before anyone had thought them through. This movie is offensive to the mind and soul, and the fact that anyone thought it would be good enough as a creative piece continued to make me sad.

So there you go everyone. If you feel like your life is a bit too happy and you want to mellow out for a while, watch A Haunted House 2. It’ll bring you down to the cruel pit of reality faster than you can blink.

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