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Verdict: 3 / 5

Hard to Get is a local film with quality put behind it, in all the relevant areas, even if there isn’t a whole bunch of originality behind lots of its ideas. Remarkably polished, and with plenty of fun action set-pieces, Hard to Get may in fact end up being greater than the sum of its parts.

Jerry Mofokeng hard to get

One of the fields in South Africa which must be at a very exciting point is the film industry. Finally getting the recognition and money needed to push projects through, we’re seeing a wave of new projects that I would scarcely have believed possible a few years before. Hard to Get is the result of one of these, an action-noir entirely in isiZulu (with subtitles, don’t worry), with all the typical tropes you might expect, but enough local flair to keep things interesting.
T.K. (Dladla) is a young layabout womanizer, who finds his life changed with Skiets (Ziqubu) blows her way into his life. Soon, she tangles him up in the criminal underbelly of Joburg.

Hard to Get doesn’t exactly push the envelope in that manner, but the main actors have a good rapport, even if Skiets is more generic femme fatale then an actual person. The action scenes have a frenetic energy that suits the one, and all in all, it’s not a bad 90 minutes spent on this movie, as they seem to blast by at some speed.

Hard to Get seems to fit a few good markers for a foreign audience as well, it has a lot of local flair but still carries a universal series of markers that any film audience can appreciate and relate to. Personally I am all for films such as this, as they show that SA can progress beyond the quality of action scenes found on Isidingo and 7 de Laan. I think Hard to Get is a step in a very good direction, and a fine enough piece of cinema in its own rights.

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