Fury: Review

Age Restriction:
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Running Time: 134 minutes

Verdict: 3 / 5

Brad Pitt returns to World War 2 as Sergeant Don Collier, an experienced veteran of the World War.

Having served in Africa, Collier plans on killing every Nazi, as he makes his way to Berlin for the home stretch. What makes Sergeant Collier different you may ask? Well, he has been with the same crew and the same tank, named Fury, since North Africa. Together they are determined to survive the war and see the victory that the Allied Forces fought for.


All seems well with this well-oiled Sherman tank, but everything changes when they take on a new member. Norman Ellison is as green as they come. He previously had a desk job in the war and now he is being thrown into the battle. He has absolutely no combat experience, never fired a gun, and has no idea of what is to come. We see this story as he experiences it.


The movie looks and feels true to the time period. The action sequences look great, and they are easy to follow. The gun fire looks vivid and you can feel each round as it leaves the barrel. The sound of the gunfire also seems authentic as rounds whistle by and ricochet off of the tank.

Disappointingly, some explosions look more like fireworks from a carnival, which cheapens the movie a little bit, stealing from the authenticity of the story. It may be a visual effect, but it is truly an unnecessary one. It offers some great tank battles as the Sherman goes head to head with the Nazis. The gunfire and explosions will leave your ears ringing.

However, all the sound in the world cannot cover the fact Fury feels limited, predictable and uninspiring. The characters offer nothing new to the genre, they do what you expected of them. While the actors get into character for the movie and give some decent performances, their characters do not develop and are rather limiting.


I expected more of Fury and, honestly, it could have been done better. Give us characters that we are attached to, that we do not want to die. Give them proper and meaningful dialogue that will leave us inspired and rooting for them. Fury is not a bad movie, it is worth a watch, but this is one of those films you watch to pass time… a long time… 137 minutes to be exact.

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